Herbalism Spot – Green Tea Leaf & Rain Poppy

Green Tea Leaf is one of the entry level herbs that can be gathered in Mists of Pandaria. It can basically be found all over Jade Forest. But since Jade Forest is a rather wide territory and there’s a lot of aggro here, and especially if you can’t fly in Pandaria yet, gathering here can be a pain.

In case you need Green Tea Leaf and Rain Poppy, here’s a short guide on how to gather these herbs, at Pandaria entry level.


  • Minimum level 85;
  • Herbalism: minimum 500 skill;
  • Epic Ground Mount (minimum);
  • Mist-Piercing Goggles;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Teleport to Pandaria and fly to Emperor’s Omen or Dawn’s Blossom in the Jade Forest.

What to do:

Your main objective as a herbalist is to gather all the herbs you see in the area between the river at the Woods of the Lost to the north, and the Arboretum to the south (see map). The herbs that you should be looking for are Green Tea Leaf and Rain Poppy.

Jade Forest Herbalism Map

Although the whole Jade Forest isn’t a quite accessible zone, this area is not bad for entry level herbalism. You won’t have too much trouble roaming back and forth from the Woods of the Lost to the Arboretum, gathering herbs. Also, the mobs here are quite easy to take on, and they don’t wander in packs.

Loot: Jade Forest Herbs Loot

After 1 hour of herb gathering in this area of the Jade Forest, playing a level 85 Druid, I’ve ended up with the following herbs:

Green Tea Leaf x 436 = 35g/stack = 763g
Rain Poppy x 103 = 40/stack = 206g

Total: 969 after one hour of gathering.


Since the herbs are plentiful in Pandaria, in almost any zone, their prices, especially on populated servers, can go really low, especially in weekends. That’s why if you’re gathering basically any Pandaria herbs, it’s best to sell them by the middle of the week, because the AH prices tend to rise by this time.

Golden Lotus can also be found in Jade Forest, in this area, however I haven’t found any during this herb gathering session. This herb is really rare, and the price for one is usually 70-80g. So, if you find a few you’ll raise the value of your gathered herbs by 20-30%.

This is not a bad place to gather all the herbs you need to maximize your Inscriptions or Alchemy quickly, as you begin with the Pandaria zones. With the herbs gathered within an hour you can easily get at least 50 points in these two crafts.

If you have the Inscriptions profession, it can get very boring to mill 20-30 stacks of herbs. Therefore, here’s a macro that can simplify your milling:

/cast Milling
/use Green Tea Leaf
/use Rain Poppy

Of course, you can add to the list any other herb that you have in your inventory and you want to mill.

By milling Green Tea Leaves and Rain Poppies you will obtain Shadow Pigments and Misty Pigments (the pigments specific to Pandaria). Also, you might want to check the prices of these pigments or the inks obtained from them, before selling the herbs. Sometimes the price for pigments or inks are much higher than the prices of the herbs used to obtain them, so by selling pigments or inks you’ll make more profit.

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