Herbalism: Semi-AFK Goldthorn Farming Method

Ever since Cataclysm was released, Goldthorn has become quite a scarce herb, due to various changes in the game. This herb is quite necessary for low level Alchemy skill ups, and many players would need at least two stacks to advance their skill in this profession. But since not many players gather it, and because it’s rather hard to find, the price for Goldthorn almost always goes through the roof.

Now, if the title of this post might sound fishy to you, and lead you to think you need to use some bugs, cheats, bots or addons to get Goldthorn, relax! You’ll get the herb pretty much normally, without any exploit or anything that might get your account banned or suspended.

Here are the requirements to farm Goldthorn this way, where to go and what you need to do.


  • Herbalism skill 150.

Where to go:

If you play Alliance, take the boat to Theramore, from Menethil Harbor. From there, fly to Desolace, at Thargad’s Camp. Or, if you play a lvl 85 or higher character, you can teleport to Ramkahen in Uldum, and from there fly to Thargad’s Camp in Desolace.

If you play Horde, take a flight from Orgrimmar, to Shadowprey Village in Desolace.

Desolace Goldthorn Map

What to do:

Close by to the Alliance and Horde camps mentioned above, there are two nodes of Goldthorn. You will be picking up those two nodes as they spawn, at intervals of 5 minutes or so, then go afk, play a different game, or do whatever you do. You will find the Goldthorn nodes around (30,73) and (27,83).

Gathering Goldthorn in Desolace

Now, I’m sure this is not exactly a method that any herb gatherer would have in mind. But if you want to gather Goldthorn “traditionally”, by following a certain route in Arathi Highlands or any other zone, you will basically end up with only a few Goldthorn nodes gathered in an hour, maybe a stack, if you’re lucky, and a whole bunch of pretty much useless and cheap herbs. So, basically you would waste time anyway.

On the other hand, the Goldthorn nodes I pointed out above, do not share a spawn cooldown with other herbs, very few players know about them, and you’ll pretty much be there to pick them up when they spawn.


As conclusion, over a span of 4 hours, of semi-afk gathering of Goldthorn here, while I was playing Goldthorn Farming Lootother games, I got:

Goldthorn x 191 = 360g/stack = 3438g 

The total gameplay time spent was actually around an hour or so.


There are other zones where you can apply this method. For example, there are 2 Goldthorn nodes close to each other in Dustwallow Marsh, at (54,60) and (50,48). If you play Alliance, you might want to choose this zone, as it’s closer to Theramore.

You can have a low level character logged at one of these locations and from time to time, log in and pick up the Goldthorn. There’s quite a low chance to not find them up.


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