Herbalism Route for Whiptail in Uldum

Although some of the herbs that grow in the Cataclysm zones have pretty low prices, the price of Whiptail still stays quite up. That’s because Whiptail is a reagent for the level 85 Agility and Strength flasks, and many players still use those as they level up from 85 to 90. But more importantly Whiptail is a reagent for Potion of Treasure Finding, which is still used on a large scale by most players who want to farm something in the Cataclysm zones.

So, here’s a brief WoW Herbalism guide for gathering Whiptail.


  • Minimum level 83;
  • Herbalism skill minimum 500;
  • Fast flying mount;
  • Flight Master’s License.

Where to go:

Use the portal in Stormwind City or Orgrimmar to teleport to Ramkahen in Uldum.

Vir'naal River Delta Map

What to do:

Simply follow the shores of Vir’naal River and Vir’naal Lake, from north to south, circling the green area of Uldum. Whiptail apparently is a plant that grows in the vicinity of water. Anyway, the map above puts the route you should follow much better. Pick up each and every Whiptail node as you see. With a fast flying mount, or playing a Druid, you should be able to get at least 10 stacks in less than half an hour.


Whiptail x 238 = 70g/stack = 833gUldum Whiptail Loot
Volatile Life x 70 = 1g/each = 70g
Lifegiving Seed x 13 = 10g/each = 130g
Cinderbloom x 5 = 30g/stack = 7g

TOTAL: 1040g after 30 minutes of herb gathering.


If you have an alchemist, and have the necessary herbs for crafting flasks, you might consider crafting some Flasks of the Wind, or Flasks of Titanic Strength. But only if the price for one flask exceeds the cost of the materials for at least 50%.

Also if you have an alchemist, you might consider transmuting the Volatile Life into Volatile Air. If you perform the transmutation – Transmute: Living Elements – in Uldum, you will always obtain Volatile Air. And typically Volatile Air is more expensive then Volatile Life. However, know that this transmutation shares the cooldown with other transmutations, such as Transmute: Living Steel or Transmute: Pyrium Bar.

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