Herbalism Route for Snow Lily

Since most players are now in Draenor, very few gather any of the resources found in the zones of Pandaria. Therefore, prices for most resources gathered from the 85-90 zones is slowly going up. Snow Lily is one of the herbs found in Pandaria, and here’s a gathering route for it.


  • Minimum level 90;
  • Minimum 550 Herbalism skill;
  • Wisdom of the Four Winds (to be able to fly in Pandaria);
  • Gatherer or GatherMate addons (optional).

Where to go:

Fly to One Keg (58,59) in Kun-Lai Summit.

Kun-Lai Summit Snow Lily Herbalism Route

What to do:

Gather all the Snow Lily herbs that you see, following this route:

From One Keg, go a bit north and enter Howlingwind Cavern. You will find several herb nodes inside. When you finish up here, exit the cave and follow the path north from the cave, gathering all the herbs that you see in Valley of Emperors. Go further west towards Shado-Pan Monastery, then move south to Winter’s Blossom, and Kota Peak. You can also go inside the cave at Kota Peak (37,68) and get the lilies in there as well.

From Kota Peak move east, following the base of the mountain, passing through Shado-Li Basin, Dooker Dome and Knucklethump Hole, and restart your route at Howlingwind Cavern.


After one hour of herb gathering, following this route, I got: Kun-Lai Herbalism Loot

Snow Lily x 421 = 2.5g / each = 1052g
Golden Lotus x 12 = 50g / each = 600g
Green Tea Leaf x 27 = 1g / each = 27g

Total: 1679g after one hour.


In case you have Inscriptions, you might consider milling or making inks out of the herbs, in case the prices for those are high, or there aren’t any in AH.

Using a Druid as your herb gatherer helps a lot, as you can save a lot of time when picking up the herbs, since you don’t have to dismount.

Keep an eye out for the rare mobs on your route. These would be: Ahone the Wanderer (41,42) near Shado-Pan Monastery, Scritch (47,63) at Dooker Dome, and Ski’thik (36,79) at Kota Peak, as they can drop bags of goods, filled with resources.

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