Herbalism: Gorgrond Flytrap Route

Gorgrond Flytrap is a herb required in both Leatherworking and Tailoring for the daily crafts of Burnished Leather and Hexweave Cloth. This makes it one of the most sought Draenic herbs by players who typically don’t have the Herbalism profession, or at least they don’t have this gathering profession on their leatherworker or tailor.

Of course, just for your daily leather or cloth craft, you can get just enough of this herb, if you have your Garrison Herb Garden at least level 2, and a follower assigned to it. However, just in case you need larger quantities of Gorgrond Flytrap, the following route is one of the best.


  • Level 100;
  • Herbalism minimum 600 skill;
  • Gathermate or Gatherer addon (optional).

Where to go:

Evidently, the name of the herb suggests its location. You’ll have to go to Gorgrond. And since the route surrounds mainly the central and eastern parts of Gorgrond, it’s a good idea to start at Everbloom Wilds (57,46) or at Breaker’s Crown (46,54). These are neutral POI, with a neutral flight master. I usually start with Everbloom Wilds.

Gorgrond Herbalism Route Map

What to do:

Begin gathering all the Gorgrond Flytrap nodes that you see, following the route described on the map. Do not expect to stumble upon them every few steps, though. In fact, this herb is quite difficult to find, especially if there are other herbalists in the area.

The herb node locations on this route are similar on most (if not all) servers. So, since they aren’t many, I’ve pointed out each group of nodes that I’ve found on the above map, just in case you don’t use Gathermate.

Completing a whole cycle shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. And after an hour, you should get about 350-400 herbs, depending on how many Disturbed Podlings will pop when you pick the herbs up. Make sure you kill those, as they drop 15-17 herbs each, plus Primal Spirits and Draenic Seeds.


On my last gathering session, following this Gorgrond Flytrap route, I’ve managed to gather:

Gorgrond Flytrap x 398 = 2g / each = 796g Gorgrond Herbalism Loot
Primal Spirit x 15
Draenic Seeds x 123

Total: 796g / per hour (kinda sucks for today’s wow gold farming standards, but this is a good gathering route).


Gorgrond is a level 93-94 zone, however this route is for level 100 players, since you will be passing through level 100 daily group quest areas. With a lower level character, you will have a hard time at Everbloom Wilds for example, you’ll aggro everything and die. Even with a level 100 character, you will still get plenty of aggro, so if you have Rogue or Druid herbalist, use that one. It’s much easier to avoid aggro with a stealther.

If you don’t n need the Primal Spirits to purchase crafting materials for crafts of your own, it’s not a bad idea to save them until you have 50, then buy a Savage Blood from your Garrison spirit trader, and sell it in AH. They currently go for 5-600g a piece.

Draenic Seeds can be used to purchase a Crazy Carrot pet from the NPC in your Garrison Herb Garden, pet that can also be sold in AH for a nice sum of gold. You’ll need 1000 seeds, though. But especially if you level up this pet to 25 before selling it, you should be able to sell it for up to 2000g.

Since Gorgrond Flytrap is a herb on high demand, the price for it fluctuates. Needless to say, if you gather this herb only to sell it the Auction House, it’s a good idea to sell when the stack is worth 400g+.

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