Hellfire Peninsula – Fel Iron Mining Route

At times, the price on Fel Iron Ore and Adamantite Ore can spike, reaching up to 150g / stack. Even though you can stash up this metal while it’s cheap, at AH, in order to sell it when the price rises, you can still make 100% of profit with it, if you gather it yourself. Here’s a good mining route for Fel Iron, in Hellfire Peninsula.


  • Minimum level 65;
  • Mining: minimum 275 skill;
  • Mining Pick;
  • Epic flying mount;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Teleport to Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest, then fly to Honor Hold (55,64) if you play Alliance, or to Thrallmar (55,39) if you’re Horde. Or, use the portal in Orgrimmar or Stormwind City to teleport to Blasted Lands, and then go through the Dark Portal there into Hellfire Peninsula.

What to do:

Start doing laps and gather all the Fel Iron Ore that you can find.

Hellfire Mining Route Map

Usually, I take the following route: I start at the Hellfire Basin (50,52) and follow the Path of Glory, East, zigzagging through the orc camps on both sides. At (60,50) I turn North and go to Forge Camp: Rage and Forge Camp: Mageddon, always 3-4 nodes at these camps. Next, I go all the way South to Zeth’gor (68,73) then to the Expedition Armory (55,77). From there I follow the southwestern edge of the zone, passing through The Great Fissure (30,65), Dustquill Ravine (22,65), Ruins of Sha’naar (13,56) and Thornfang Hill (10,53). Around each of these areas there should be at least 1-2 Fel Iron Deposits. From Thornfang Hill, I go North-East to Fallen Sky Ridge (15,40), check all the area with the stone giants then move East, ending up once more at Hellfire Basin. The maps with this route should speak for itself.

After an hour I normally have at least 10 stacks of Fel Iron and I usually stop.


Hellfire Mining Loot

My last 30 minutes mining session in Hellfire Peninsula, following this route, has brought me the following resources:

Fel Iron Ore x 210 = 70g/stack = 735g
Eternium Ore x 14 = 30g/stack = 21g
Primal Fire x 3 = 20g/each = 60g
Primal Earth x 3 = 10g/each = 30g

TOTAL: 846g in 30 minutes of mining.


This is the amount I usually manage to gather during the peak hours, on a few populated servers. But, if you go after Fel Iron early mornings or late at night, you should be able to get a few stacks more.

Don’t go after Fel Iron if the price for a stack is lower than 30g. Also, check how much the Fel Iron Bars cost before you auction your ore. A stack of bars might go for over 100g, while a stack of ore is 40g. So, turning the ore into bars you’ll get more profit.

Also check out the prices for Felsteel Bars. Sometimes it’s worth to craft and sell a few, from part of your Fel Iron and Eternium Ore. And in case you have Engineering, you might want to check the price for Fel Iron Bolts or other parts made from this metal. By crafting those, you might get more profit.

You can farm Fel Iron here, following this route, at level 60, but you’re not eligible for a fast flying skill at level 60 and with a normal flying mount you’ll be less effective. Also, the Gatherer Addon helps with the locations of the Fel Iron Ore nodes that you find.

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