Hebalism Route for Lichbloom and Icethorn in Icecrown

Although the flasks made from these herbs aren’t on such high demand these days, these herbs are still required in decent amounts for increasing Alchemy and Inscription. In case you’re planning to buy them from AH you might burn a hole into your WoW wallet, because prices for them are high nowadays. On the other hand, if you’re planning to farm them yourself, here’s a nice route in Icecrown.


  • Minimum level 80;
  • Herbalism: minimum 425 skill;
  • Epic flying mount;
  • Cold Weather Flying.

Where to go:

Teleport to Dalaran, then use your mount to fly straight North into Icecrown.

What to do:

Start gathering all the Icethorn and Lichbloom plants that you can find, following the next route:

Hebalism Route for Lichbloom and Icethorn Map

1. Mord’rethar: The Death Gate (68,58). This is your start point, you will always find at least 2-3 nodes in front of the gate (the southern side). If a herb node is to hard to pick up because of the undead there, just skip it.

2. Sindragosa’s Fall (72,39). There are many herb nodes that spawn here. Make sure you check out the pit at (69,39).

3. Move West to the Valley of the Lost Hope (63,43) and The Bombardament (58,42) and gather all the herbs here as well.

4. Next stop is at The Valley of Broken Heroes, around (42,47). You might have to kill a few mobs here as well to get the herbs, but they aren’t that many as the undead at the 1st spot.

5. Next, go to the Conflagration around (46,62) and near Corp’rethar: The Horror Gate (48,68) (northern side). Be careful not to aggro the elites at The Conflagration, that would really suck.

6. Move East, through The Court of Bones (50,75) and get the herbs at Malykriss: The Vile Hold (at least 1-2 nodes there every time).

Finally, stop once more at Mord’rethar: The Death Gate (68,58) and restart your route.

As a general idea, if a herb node is surrounded by a large pack of mobs, don’t waste 5 minutes killing them all to get it, just move on. Since there are quite many mobs in the middle areas it’s quite tricky to pick up the herbs, and while you are fighting the mobs someone may come and pick your herb up, as you’ll always have competition in this zone as a gatherer.

Icecrown Herbalism LootLoot:

After one hour of gathering herbs, I got:

Icethorn x197 = 70g/stack = 689g
Lichbloom x225 = 75g/stack = 843g
Forst Lotus x13 = 10g/each = 130g
Eternal Life x9 = 12g/each = 108g

TOTAL: 1770 gold in one hour of gathering


The prices for most of the high level herbs rise after a server reset because they are used for making flasks, and most of the players buy flasks after a reset, to restart their raids. Even if now in Pandaria and WoD there are more powerful flasks, many people still buy the WotLK flasks to use in BGs.

By milling Icethorn and Lichbloom flowers you will get Azure Pigments and Icy Pigments. Sometimes these pigments, as well as the inks made from them are much more profitable to sell than just the flowers, so if you have a skilled scribe, it’s best to craft some.

There is a rare elite mob spawn, High Thane Jorfus (level 80) near Icecrown Citadel, at (49,84), mob that I found quite a few times while mining in Icecrown, since is close to one of the important locations. If you’re passing by, find it and kill it, you’ll get a blue (BoE) item and also a bag of goodies. This boss isn’t hard to kill at all, should be soloable with any class at level 80.

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