Heavy Leather & Medium Leather Skinning Spot

The Jademir Lake area in Feralas is not just any ordinary skinning spot. I have selected it for quite a good reason. The mobs here have the chance to drop the Tiny Emerald Whelpling, which sells for a lot of gold. Therefore, here’s a short guide on how to farm this battle pet, and also get some Heavy and Medium Leather in the process.


  • Minimum level 40;
  • Skinning: minimum 175;
  • Skinning knife;
  • Ground mount (optional).

Where to go:

For Alliance it’s a bit harder to get here. Teleport to Stormwind, fly to Booty Bay (37,77) in Cape of Stranglethorn. Take the boat to Ratchet (68,71), in Northern Barrens. From here, fly to Dreamer’s Rest (51,17) in Feralas. From here, go a bit North, on the opposite shore of Lake Jademir around (48,11).

For Horde, teleport to Thunder Bluff, then fly to Camp Ataya (41,16). Go a bit East, on the shores of Lake Jademir, around (48,11).

Heavy Leather and Medium Leather Skinning Spot

What to do:

Start grinding on the Noxious Whelps, loot their corpses and skin them all. They drop Heavy and Medium Leather. They also drop the Tiny Emerald Whelpling which can be sold for over 2000g. However, even if you don’t get the whelpling, you’ll still get plenty of leather and you won’t leave this place empty handed.

On the island in the middle of the lake, you will find other dragonkin mobs, Jademir Echospawns and also a boss, Lethlas. Now, they drop pretty much the same loot as the Noxious Whelps, but I never got the Tiny Emerald Whelpling from them. So, if you really want this pet, stick with the Noxious Whelps.

Feralas Jademir Lake Skinning Spot

The respawn rate for the whelps isn’t that bad. You shouldn’t run out of mobs if you’re alone at the spot. Also, since they are quite scattered throughout the area, a ranged character would help.

Loot: Feralas Jademir Lake Skinning Loot

During this grinding session at Jademir Lake, the Tiny Emerald Whelpling dropped for me during the first hour. I So, here are the valuables and their value, after 1 hour of farming at Jademir Lake in Feralas:

Medium Leather x 91 = 70g/stack = 318g
Heavy Leather x 78 = 70g/stack = 273g
Green Whelp Scale x 45 = 1g/each = 45g
Medium Hide x 4 = 2g/each = 8g
Heavy Hide x 8 = 20g/each = 160g
Green Item x 5 = 50g/each = 250g
Blue Item x 2 = 75g/each = 150g
Green Emerald Whelpling x 1 = 2500g

TOTAL: 3704g after one hour of grinding.


Although the whelpling can drop even after 2-3 kills, don’t expect it right away. During this session I got lucky actually, and got it during the first hour. However, other times I had to farm here for over 3 hours until it dropped. But anyway, the loot you’ll get during one hour, without the whelp, should still be over 1000g.

The whelp is quite nice as a battle pet. It has 2 Magical-type abilities along with Dragonkin abilities, which makes it strong vs. Flying-type and Magical-type pets. Also, at level 25 it has 1628 HP, which is quite not bad.

Also, there are other spots for this type of leather, better than this one, but here you have the chance to hit the jackpot with this battle pet and that’s why I had to list it here.

The Green Whelp Scales aren’t used in many crafts. However, there’s a torso recipe with a very neat proc that puts the enemy to sleep for 10 sec. (5% chance). The recipe is: Pattern: Green Whelp Armor, and it’s a drop. Never got it myself, I had to buy it from AH, but it was pretty cheap all the time.

Leatherworkers that boost this trade skill need huge quantities of Heavy and Medium Leather, therefore these resources are always on high demand.

There’s also pretty much Blindweed around the lake, so if you have Herbalism, you’ll get an extra resource. Anyway, I don’t think that many players have a Skinning/Herbalism profession combo.

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