Frostweed Herbalism Route in Frostfire Ridge

Forstweed is maybe the most important herb for alchemists, introduced with the Warlords of Draenor expansion. It’s required for placing Alchemy Orders in the Garrison Alchemy Lab, for Alchemical Catalysts, and other crafting reagents. That’s why currently is the most expensive herb that grows within the Draenor zones. And just like most herbs in these zones, it’s not that easy to collect, since you can’t use a flying mount. So, here’s a route to gather this herb, in Frostfire Ridge.


  • Minimum level 90;
  • Minimum Herbalism skill 600;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Bloodmaul Slag Mines (51,21) is the best POI to start your gathering route, as it has a neutral flight path. So, whether you play Horde or Alliance, fly here and use this location as your starting point.

Frostfire Ridge Herb Route

What to do:

Evidently, gather each and every Frostweed and Fireweed node that you see, following the route marked on the map. The highest concentrations of Frostweed are on the rocky areas to the west, north and east from the Cracking Plains.

Start at Coldsnap Bluffs, also checking the cave at Snowfall Alcove (66,18), then move south, past Colossal’s Fall, checking the two caves at (64,32) and (66,37). Next, go further south and get all the herbs in the area around the Pit of the Devourer (63,43), and then go all the way across the Cracking Plains, over to the Boneslag (45,45) and collect all the herb nodes in this pit.

From the Boneslag, go north to the Savage Crag (50,35). You should find at least 3-4 Frostweed nodes here, and you can also check Gurlloc’s Grotto (49,33), or at least the area by the entrance, as sometimes there are 1-2 herb nodes there.

Your last area is the eastern part of Stonefury Cliffs, around (47,23), and once you get the herbs here, move once more to Coldsnap Bluffs.


After one hour of herb gathering, following this route, I ended up with: Frostfire Ridge Herb Loot

Frostweed x 347 = 450g / stack = 780g
Fireweed x 167 = 350g / stack = 292g
Draenic Seeds x 240
Primal Spirit x 31

Total: 1072g


In case you play Horde, and you haven’t got Initiate Na’Shra as follower, now’s your chance to do so. You can find her on this herb gathering route, at about (65,40), a bit east from the Pit of the Devourer. All you have to do is complete the quest “Smeltcraft“, that she gives. Na’Shra comes with the Blacksmithing follower trait.

You can save up the Draenic Seeds you get from gathering herbs, to purchase the Crazy Carrot pet, from the Herb Garden NPC, and sell it in AH. It’s a battle pet with nice abilities and its price is somewhere around 1500-2000g (at least at the moment).

Also, kill any Disturbed Podling that may attack you when picking up a herb node. Not only it drops extra herbs, seeds and Primal Spirits, it may also drop a battle pet, the Nightshade Sproutling. This is also a nice score as it can be sold for 1500-2000g, or even more, if you level it up.

Evidently, since Frostfire Ridge is the Horde starting zone in Draenor, if you play Alliance, it’s a good idea to come and gather Frostweed here with maximum level character, to avoid being ganked so easily by the Horde. Even if you play Horde, it’s best to get to at least level 95 before actually gather minerals or herbs in this zone, to deal easier with the mobs that you might aggro.

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