Fishing Spot – Giant Mantis Shrimp & Reef Octopus

Meat and fish that can be acquired from the zones of Pandaria are usually pricey because they aren’t that easy to gather and all of them are part of at least one recipe or quest with The Tillers faction. Reef Octopus and Giant Mantis Shrimp can be caught on the coasts of Jade Forest. And here’s a good spot to fish these up.


  • Minimum level 85;
  • Fishing: minimum 500 skill;
  • Fishing Pole;
  • Heat-Treated Fishing Lures (or other lures which grant at least +100 Fishing skill);
  • The Find Fish Skill (optional);
  • Elixirs of Water Walking (optional).

Where to go:

If you play Alliance it’s not too difficult to reach this location. Teleport to Pandaria at Paw’don Village and from there go south-west to the sea, at Paw’don Glade (40,90).

If you play Horde, teleport to Pandaria at Honeydew Village, take a flight to Serpent’s Overlook (if you have this FP discovered). From there, move south-west to the sea, at Paw’don Glade (40,90).

Jade Forest Fishing Spot

What to do:

Start fishing in the open waters there (in other words wherever you want). However, if you see any Giant Mantis Shrimp Swarms or Reef Octopus Swarms, fish in them until they disappear, to skip any other stuff or fish that can be caught here. If you don’t have 600+ skill (500 Fishing + 1 lure) you will also catch junk from time to time, by fishing in open water. Also, you can go a bit up the small river to the east. Sometimes you’ll find more fish schools there.

The most valuable fish that can be caught here are the Giant Mantis Shrimp and the Reef Octopus, but you can also catch Golden Carp in the open waters, and you can find Jade Lungfish Schools. So, focus on the shrimp and octopi.

Fishing Spot - Jade Forest

Loot: Jade Forest Fishing Loot

After one hour of fishing at this location, playing a level 85 Rogue, I got:

Giant Mantis Shrimp x 82 = 100g/stack = 410g
Reef Octopus x 66 = 60g/stack = 264g
Golden Carp x 32 = 40g/stack = 64g
Master Healing Potion x 6 = 10g/each = 60g
Darkmoon Firewater x 3 = 15g/each = 45g
White Trillium Ore x 2 = 12g/each = 24g
Black Trillium Ore x 2 = 12g/each = 24g

Total: 891g after one hour of fishing.


Although Fishing isn’t the best way to make gold, because on most servers, the prices for fish tend to decrease, this isn’t actually a bad spot to increase your Fishing skill, as you enter Pandaria. Also, since Pandaria fish are required in various quests for The Tillers and for superior foods, they are quite on a high demand.

In case the price for these fish is low, you can always put them in Empty Reef Octopus Containers and Empty Giant Mantis Shrimp Containers bought from Merchant Cheng, at Halfill (Valley of the Four Winds). You can exchange these for Ironpaw Tokens, and with the tokens you can buy other types of meat or vegetables, that might have a better AH price. However, a sack of fish contains only 5 fish, while to fill an Empty *Fish* Container from Cheng, you need 20 fish.

If you’re level 90, the ability to fly in Pandaria helps with fishing by a lot, especially in Jade Forest, because this zone doesn’t exactly have the best accessibility. Anyway, this spot is easy to get to. Even if you have to walk a long road to get here, it’s still easier to get to the water than on the northern or eastern coasts of Jade Forest.

If you play Horde on a server with a lot of world PvP, be careful here, because you’re close to an Alliance camp.

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