Engineering Guide – Volatile Blasting Triggers & Cobalt Bolts

Engineering can be quite a profitable profession if you know where, when and what to farm or craft to sell in the AH. Robotic pets, for example are the killers of beast pets in pet battles, and to complete the Celestial Tournament on Timeless Isle, you need quite a few. But Engineering can also be practiced as Skinning. Mechanical mobs in various locations in WOW can be scrapped if you have the required skill in Engineering.

The gold farming method based on Engineering that I’m going to present here actually involves scrapping. So, here are the requirements, the location and what you should do.


  • Minimum level 70;
  • Engineering: minimum 350 skill;
  • Arclight Spanner.

Where to go:

If you play Horde, teleport to Dalaran then fly to Taunka’le Village (77,37) in Borean Tundra. From there, go North-West to The Geyser Fields, around (64,24).

If you play Alliance, teleport to Dalaran, fly to Fizzcrank Airstrip (56,19) in Borean Tundra, then move a little South-East, to The Geyser Fields, at around (64,24).

Engineering Guide - Geyser Fields

What to do:

Start grinding on the mechanical mobs all around (64,24), near Fizzcrank Pumping Station (65,23), loot their remains and then use your Engineering on them to collect the engineering parts they drop. They don’t drop any money and the drop rate for green/blue items isn’t great, but you will get a lot of parts from them to sell or to skill up your Engineering.

I usually manage to get about 3 stacks of Volatile Blasting Triggers within an hour and that’s when I stop.

Engineering Geyser Fields Spot

Loot: Engineering - Geyser Fields Loot

Here’s the valuable loot I managed to get from the mechanical mobs at The Geyser Fields in one of my 1 hour farming sessions:

Volatile Blasting Trigger x 60 = 20g/each = 1200g
Cobalt Bolts x 52 = 110g/stack = 286g
Froststeel Tube x 4 = 30g/each = 120g
Green Item x 6 = 50g/each = 300g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 68g

TOTAL: 1974g – after one hour of scrapping the robots at Geyser Fields


By using your Engineering on these robots you can get Schematic: Jeeves, which is BoP but this little gizmo is very useful since it’s a portable reagent merchant, vault keeper and repair bot.

This is a great spot to gather engineering parts if you want to skill up this profession over 375 and above. Also, the Volatile Blasting Triggers, Froststeel Tubes and Cobalt Bolts sell pretty well so it’s not a bad spot for making money with Engineering.

Since these mobs don’t drop pretty much anything else then grey junk, don’t forget to bring some bandages and food, if you play a 68-70 lvl toon that doesn’t have healing abilities.

Also, if you play Horde, you might want to be careful while farming here, because there’s an Alliance camp close by and you might get ganked at any time.

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