Twilight Highlands Mining Route for Elementium and Pyrite

Since Elementium Ore and Pyrite Ore aren’t the top minerals in the game, players have stopped farming them intensively. Therefore, their average price has begun to slowly grow.


  • Minimum level 85;
  • Mining: 525 skill;
  • Minimum 280% flying speed and Azerothian flying;
  • Mining pick;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Use the portal to Twilight Highlands from Stormwind City (Alliance) to teleport to Highbank (80,75), or from Orgrimmar (Horde) to teleport to Dragonmaw Port (75,50).

What to do:

Start mining Elementium and Pyrite following this route:

  1. Start with the Verrall Delta (68,48) and follow the Verrall River West, checking both shores;
  2. Head South-West, to the Elementium Depths (37,88). Now, unless you have stealth, don’t go deep into this cave because it’s stuffed with mobs and you will waste a lot of time. Get the nodes outside the entrance and the ones a few steps inside.
  3. Go North, and once you pass by Victor’s Point (41,59) turn West and follow the path that leads to Grim Batol (20,55). You’ll always find at least 1-2 nodes here;
  4. Return the way you came, to the crossroads (30,50), and move North, on the path that leads to Wetlands. I have always found 1-2 nodes here, as well;
  5. Next, move North-East to Glopgut’s Hollow (38,28) and Humboldt Conflagration (41,23);
  6. Move East, passing the Maw of Madness (48,14) and Kirthaven (55,17) on the southern side;
  7. Follow the road East and fly on the isle of the Krazzworks (76,16). There are 2 nodes there that most of the miners skip, so it’s likely they are up all the time;
  8. Move South and start once more at the Verrall Delta (68,48).

Twilight Highlands Mining Map


After 30 minutes of mining in Twilight Highlands, I got the following valuables: Elementium and Pyrite Ore Loot

Elementium Ore x 224 = 60g/stack = 672g
Pyrite Ore x 11 = 7g/each = 77g
Ocean Sapphire x 1 = 15g
Zephyrite x 1 = 11g
Hessonite x 1 = 9g
Jasper x 1 = 14g
Nightstone x 1 = 8g
Volatile Fire x 6 = 2g/each = 12g
Volatile Earth x 9 = 5g/each = 45g
Volatile Water x 8 = 5g/each = 40g

TOTAL: 903g after 30 minutes of mining.


Before selling the ore, check out the prices for bars. By smelting the Elementium and Pyrite Ore and selling the bars you can get higher profits most of the times. Almost anyone who is leveling up Engineering or Blacksmithing will eventually need to buy at least a couple of stacks of Elementium or Pyrite bars, if they don’t have Mining as well.

It’s best to choose to farm Elementium and Pyrite here early mornings or late in the evenings, especially during week days. Also, the prices for most of the minerals and herbs, go up by the middle of the week when people don’t have time to farm.

Elementium can be prospected into green gems like, Carnelians, Jaspers, Hessonites, Nightstones or Alicites, and into blue gems like Ocean Sapphires, Dream Emeralds, Inferno Rubies, Amberjewels, Demonseyes or Ember Topazes. The drop rate for blue gems from Elementium Ore is quite high. So, if you’re skilling up a jewelcrafter, it’s not a bad idea to prospect your Elementium for the gems. Or, cut and sell the gems if it’s worth.

You can also gather Elementium and Pyrite in Tol Barad. However, you cannot fly there and there’s way much more aggro than in Twilight Highlands, that’s why I prefer this zone.

If your miner is also a Rogue or Druid, you can go deep into the Elementium Depths and gather all the ore you can find. It’s plenty here, but since there are many mobs inside most players don’t bother going all the way down. In fact, if you play a stealther you can resume your mining to the Elementium Depths and the shores and delta of Verrall River.

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