Deepholm – Heartblossom Gathering Method

Heartblossom is one of the most difficult Cataclysm herbs to farm, due to the fact that it has a really long respawn timer. That’s why in general, there’s a shortage of this herb on most servers, and lately its price has gone quite up. Demand for it has also increased, as it’s a reagent for Potion of Treasure Finding, and these potions are kind of a must for players who want to AoE farm in spots such as Verlok Stand, or Grim Batol.

Therefore, here’s what you have to do, in order to get a fairly decent quantity of Heartblossom, and make some gold.


  • Minimum level 90;
  • Herbalism: 525 skill;
  • Flight Master’s License;
  • Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

From your main faction city, Orgrimmar or Stormwind, use the portal to teleport to Deepholm, at Temple of Earth. From there, fly north-west to Needlerock Chasm (28,32).

Deepholm Heartblossom Spot Location

What to do:

Now, Needlerock Chasm is the best spot for Heartblossom that you can find in the game. However, since this herb has a very long respawn, (actually it can take 30 min. or more for nodes to respwan after you’ve picked them up),there’s a good chance you won’t find any if someone else has just picked them up. Cinderbloom also takes long to respawn. Therefore, use the Custom Groups function to hop realms and check the spot on multiple servers.

Evidently, it’s a good idea to gather these herbs early mornings, before other players start to gather them too. This way there’s a good chance you will find the spot at Needlerock Chasm at full herb spawn, each time you travel on a new server.

Needlerock Chasm Spot

But nonetheless, if it appears that someone has already beaten you to it, not all hope it’s lost. You can go to Crimson Expanse at (73,41), in the eastern part of Deepholm, and gather there. This is also a good spot for Heartblossom, however there’s a wider area to cover.


Depending on server, Hearblossom can go up to 20-22g per piece. But even if they go for 11-12g per piece, it’s still a good farm, as they usually sell pretty well.

On my last gathering session for Heartblossom, I’ve got the following herbs, within one hour:

Heartblossom x 336 = 17g / each = 5712gDeepholm Heartblossom Loot
Cinderbloom x 126 = 3g / each = 378g
Volatile Life x 145 = 2g / each = 290g
Lifegiving Seed x 33 = 5g / each = 165g

TOTAL: 6545g after one hour of gathering


It’s a good idea to use a Druid for gathering since Travel Form eliminates mounting and dismounting.

If you have an alchemist, and some stocks of other herbs, you can craft some Potions of Treasure Finding, instead of just selling the herbs. These potions are on high demand at the moment , on most servers, and sometimes they sell for 3-400g.

When server hopping, always look for servers which you don’t see often; in other words, low-pop servers. There’s a good chance you’ll find the spot at full herb spawn when you move to such a server.

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