Cobalt Ore Mining Route in Zul’Drak

Compared to other minerals in the game, Cobalt Ore is not that easy to gather, and you kinda have to cover wide areas for it. On top of that, the zones where it can be found in Northrend aren’t that friendly, especially for the player that can’t fly in Northrend just yet. There are quire a few options for farming this mineral, but one of the best zones for it is Zul’Drak.

Here’s a good route to follow to gather Cobalt Ore in Zul’Drak.


  • Minimum level 75;
  • Epic flying mount;
  • Mining: minimum 350 skill;
  • Mining pick;

Where to go:

Teleport to Dalaran, then fly to The Argent Stand (40,67) in Zul’Drak.

What to do:

You are going to take the following route, to gather as much Cobalt Ore as possible, within one hour.

Zul'Drak Mining Route

1) From The Argent Stand, go a little bit South to Drak’Sotra Field (41,77) and get the 1-2 nodes of Cobalt there. Sometimes you can find one on the bottom of Rageclaw Lake (38,84);

2) Fly a bit North-East, to Drak’Sotra (53,73) and Drak’Agal (45,68) and get all the Cobalt Deposits there, always 2-3 nodes in the area;

3) Move further North-East to Mam’Toth Crater (73,47) and mine there;

4) Next stop is at the area in front of Gundrak, around (75,28) and East from Zol’Maz Stronghold (66,35);

5) Your 5th stop should be at Altar of Rhunok (54,37), so follow the northern edge of Zul’Drak on the way there and get the Cobalt there and on your way there;

6) Next, check the area around the Altar of Sseratus (40,40);

7) Move further West to the Frigid Breach, at (33,41) and get the Cobalt there;

8) Your final point of this route is the South-West corner of the map, the rocky place near Ebon Watch, around (13,76). You can also kill all the earth elementals here and mine them as well for some extra Crystallized Earth;

9) Move East, back to Drak’Sotra Fields at (41,77) and restart your cycle.

Loot:Zul'Drak Cobalt Ore Loot

After 1 hour of mining, following this route I got the following  valuable resources:

Cobalt Ore x 191 = 120g/stack = 1146g
Eternal Earth x 4 = 30g/each = 120g
Eternal Water x 4 = 5g/each = 20g
Sky Sapphire x 1 = 12g
Bloodstone x 1 = 5g
Sun Crystal x 2 = 5g/each = 10g
Shadow Crystal x 1 = 5g

TOTAL: 1318g after 1 hour of mining.


Cobalt Ore is usually harder to farm than Saronite Ore because to gather this mineral you must cover wider areas. Saronite Ore is gathered by following a much simpler route in Icecrown, and it’s found in higher amounts at the Auction House, usually for lower prices than Cobalt.

If the price for a stack of Cobalt Ore is lower than 30g, you shouldn’t farm this mineral to sell it. Also, before setting your Cobalt for sale, check the price for a stack of Cobalt Bars, price that can be much higher and since 1 stack of Cobalt Ore = 1 stack of Cobalt Bars, you’ll get much money.

If you have Engineering, turning your Cobalt into Cobalt Bolts is not a bad idea, because sometimes a stack of Cobalt Bolts goes for up 200g. With Engineering you can also craft Volatile Blasting Triggers from Cobalt Bars, component which is used for most of the explosives in the game, at least for Goblin Engineering. Volatile Blasting Triggers also have high prices and are usually on high demand. And many players who would want to level up their Engineering would rather buy at least some of the parts, to make the whole process go faster.

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