Herb Gathering Route for Blindweed

Blindweed was the number one herb in Swamp of Sorrows prior to 4.0.1, but with the changes brought to the game in Cataclysm, its place was taken by Sorrowmoss in this area. Therefore, a good place to gather Blindweed is at Jademir Lake, in Feralas. Here’s a brief WoW gathering guide for this herb.


  • Minimum level 35;
  • Herbalism: minimum level 235;
  • At least normal mount.

Where to go:

If you play Horde, teleport to Thunder Bluff or take the zeppelin there, then fly to Camp Ataya (41,16) in Feralas.

If you play Alliance, teleport or take the ship to Darnassus and from there fly to Dreamer’s Rest (51,18) in Feralas.

Feralas Blindweed Map

What to do:

Start gathering all the Blindweed and other herbs that grow all around Jademir Lake. If you gather them too fast and they didn’t respawn by the time you complete a full lap, move a bit South, gathering every herb that you can find, down to the small puddle at (49,23).

Once you reach this location, you can return to Jademir Lake. By this time, most of the herbs should be up.

Feralas Blindweed Spot

In case you have competition at this spot, you may consider visiting the lakes near Darkmist Ruins (64,54) or check the lake near Camp Mojache (75,45). Blindweed grows near water, just like Liferoot.


After 30 minutes of herb gathering here, I got the following herbs: Jademir Lake Herb Loot

Blindweed x 126 = 100g/stack = 630g
Khadgar’s Whisker x 24 = 30g
Fadeleaf x 22 = 30g/stack = 33g

TOTAL: 693g after 30 min. of gathering. 


By milling the Blindweed, you will obtain Violet and Ruby Pigments. However, if you have a scribe, you can also make Fiery and Celestial Inks out of the pigments. Most of the times these sell like hot cakes.

By milling the Fadeleaf and Khadgar’s Whisker plants, you will get Emerald and Indigo Pigments. Same in this case, the inks made from these pigments can be sold for nice profits.

Blindweed is a herb needed by alchemists and scribes to boost their intermediary skills. Everyone would rather buy 2-3 stacks they need than to move to Feralas to farm this herb by themselves.

The small green whelps that fly around Jademir Lake can drop the Tiny Emerald Whelpling which sells for very high prices. They also drop Medium Leather and Heavy Leather, so a character with Herbalism / Skinning would be best to bring here.

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