Best Herbalism Spot For Stranglekelp

Not many players like swimming or farming underwater, therefore resources that can be found only underwater are often highly priced. Stranglekelp is one of these resources. It grows only underwater, thus in many cases you can’t even find it in AH, especially on servers with less players. In case there’s a shortage of Stranglekelp on your server, you can easily score at least 1000g with a few stacks, in maybe less than an hour. So, here’s an excellent place to farm Stranglekelp.


  • Minimum level 40;
  • Herbalism: minimum 85 skill;
  • River Boat or Epic Flying Mount and Azerothian Flying;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Horde – teleport to Orgrimmar then fly to Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge (81,71) in Thousand Needles. From there fly or sail North-West, into the flooded rocky area.

Alliance – teleport to Ironforge, fly to Menethil Harbor and take the ship to Theramore Isle (68,48) in Dustwallow Marsh. From there fly to Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge (81,71) in Thousand Needles then move North-West, into the flooded rocky area.

Herbalism Spot For Stranglekelp - Thousand Needles

What to do:

Using your boat or flying mount, zig-zag the area I marked on the map above, and dive for the Stranglekelp that pops on your radar.

Since the area is packed with this kind of herb, you basically won’t even need to use your flying mount, just remain underwater. However, if there isn’t any Stranglekelp node showing on your radar, you can go at the surface, pop your boat or your flying mount if possible and move to until you see 1-2 nodes, then dive once more.

Herbalism Spot For Stranglekelp

It appears to be a higher concentration of Stranglekelp all around Darkcloud Pinnacle.

If you don’t have the Thousand Needles chains completed for the River Boat, it’s best to do at least a part of them, to receive the underwater breading and movement. Swimming without at least a little speed enhancement will hinder you by a lot and you won’t be very effective gathering Stranglekelp here.

Loot: Herbalism Spot Thousand Needles Loot

After only 30 minutes spent here, I got this much Stranglekelp:

Stranglekelp x 171 = 160g/stack = 1282g

Total: 1282g after only 30 minutes of gathering.


The quest chain for the River Boat starts with:

Alliance – “Hero’s Call: Thousand Needles”, given by the Hero’s Call Poster in Stormwind City and ends with “Quiet the Cannons”. However, you will receive the boat as reward when you finish “Circle the Wagons… er, Boats”;

Horde – “Warchief’s Command: Thousand Needles” given by the Warchief’s Command Poster in Orgrimmar and ends just as for the Alliance, with “Quiet the Cannons”. You will receive the boat on the 8th quest in the chain, “Circle the Wagons… er, Boats”.

Since Stranglekelp is used for quite a few Alchemy recipes and it’s quite a hassle to farm, usually the price for it is pretty high. The price for a stack can go up to 200g. Since it’s not that easy to get, never go to gather this plant unless the price is at least 60-70g for a stack.

If you have an Alchemist, it’s not a bad idea to craft Free Action Potions (you’ll be needing Oily Blackmouth fish as well). This type of potion is used in rated BGs by flag carriers since they make you immune to slow effects. Some PvP guilds even require their flag carriers to use these potions.

Also, due to the fact that this herb isn’t easy to get, you pretty much won’t have any competition here or in any other place where Stranglekelp grows.

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