Best Fishing Spot for Glassfin Minnows

Ever since Timeless Isle was introduced, Elixirs of Water Walking sell like hot cakes, and for a lot of gold. Everyone needs them for the Evermaw encounter. Therefore, the fish required to make these elixirs – Glassfin Minnows – are also on high demand and can be sold for a lot of gold.

Here’s a brief WoW guide on how to catch Glassfin Minnows.


  • Minimum level 75;
  • Fishing: minimum 1 skill;
  • Fishing pole (optional).

Where to go:

Ask a mage to teleport you to Dalaran, in Crystalsong Forest, or travel to Northrend from your main city. From there fly down or use the teleport to go down, on the shores of the Twilight Rivulet. Move East to the Mirror of Twilight, at (48,56).

Fishing Spot for Glassfin Minnows

 What to do:

Start fishing in the Glassfin Minnow schools, along the Twilight Rivulet, beginning at the eastern pond, at the Mirror of Twilight, around (48,56). Move North-West along the river, fishing in the schools, up to the Decrepit Flow (17,13). Once you reach this location, and finish with the last school of Glassfin Minnow there, return to the Mirror of Twilight. By this time, the schools should be up again here, so restart your fishing route.

Crystalsong Forest Fishing Spot

Loot: Crystalsong Forest Fishing Loot

After about 30 minutes, I got the following valuable loot:

Glassfin Minnow x 80 = 250g/stack = 1000g
Pygmy Suckerfish x 27 = 120g/stack = 162g

Reinforced Crate x 8 (which contained the following valuable loot):

Cobalt Ore x 5 = 4g/each = 20g
Frostweave Cloth x 5 = 3g/each = 15g

TOTAL:  1197g after 30 min. of fishing.


Glassfin Minnows are used by alchemists to create Ethereal Oil which is used to craft Elixirs of Water Walking. Now, the Elixirs of Water Walking are used especially by the players who participate in the fishing contest Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza.

Also, the Evermaw encounter at Timeless Isle in Pandaria, requires you to hit Evermaw at least once to benefit from any loot. And as the shark moves pretty fast, water walking is of the essence.

By the middle of the week, the price for a stack of minnows drops to 100-150g, but in week-end there’s a high demand for these fish or for the Elixirs of Water Walking and the price for a stack can rise above 100g.

The Elixir of Water Walking recipe is an Alchemy Discovery, obtained by completing a Northrend Alchemy Research. One research requires 10 x Goldclover, 10 x Adder’s Tongue, 4 x Talandra’s Rose and 4 x Crystal Vial.

Crafting Elixirs of Water Walking with an Elixir Master will result in at least a few procs, and additional elixirs –> more profits. The average price for an Elixir of Water Walking is 75-100g. So, if you have the recipe, you should craft/sell them yourself.

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