Azsuna Mining Route

Considering that flying in Legion hasn’t been implemented yet, Mining or Herb Gathering is rather difficult. Pretty much wherever you go, you will have to battle at least 1-2 mobs in order to get a mineral or herb.

The mining route in Azsuna that we’re describing here, although it may not be the best in the game, it’s definitely not a bad one. And one of the reasons for that is that there aren’t many “ups and downs” in this area, thus access to Leystone Ore or Felslate nodes is easier.


  • Minimum level 100;
  • Mining skill 700+;
  • Shoulder enchant: Salvager (optional);
  • Any type of water walking (optional);
  • The Gatherer addon (optional).

Where to go:

Fly to Azurewing Repose (48,28) in Azsuna, and from there go a bit south, to the big lake are in the middle of the map, called El’dranil Shallows.

Azsuna Mining Route

What to do:

First of all, check the lake at El’dranil Shallows for Leystone Seams and Felslate Seams. There are 5 locations on the bottom of the lake where you can find them, and there are usually two up at one time. These will grant you at least 6-7 ore per node. I have marked the locations of these seams on the map above with black dots, but just in case, their coords are:


Also, there may be one or two more locations for ore seams in the lake, but I’ve found them only at these 5 locations.

The next move is to go to the basilisk area around (55,33), kill all the Lagoon Basilisk mobs and mine them for Leystone ore. Then go east, following the route described on the map, gathering all the ore that you can find. Once you get back to the lake area, check once more for ore seams. They’re respawn time seems to be around 5 min. or even less.

Go to Shipwreck Arena (49,48). Most of the time you’ll find 2 ore nodes there.

Leave Shipwreck Arena following the path that leads northwest, and go towards the Faronaar area. Cover only the eastern part of Faronaar in search for minerals, keeping close to the shore. That’s because this place is full of hostile demons, much stronger than the naga and murlocs at El’dranil’s Shallows, and it’s simply not worth covering all this area. But on its eastern part, close to the shore, you should always find at least 2-3 nodes.

Once you’re done with eastern Faronaar, go back east to El’dranil Shallows, check for ore seams, grind on the Basilisks, and basically re-do the route.


After one hour of mining and grinding on this route, I’ve managed to get the following ore, loot and cash:

Leystone Ore x 377 = 10g / each = 3,770 azsuna-mining-loot
Felslate Ore x 113 = 25g /each = 2,825
Green Item x 5 = 50g each = 250g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 772g

Total: 7,617g


The Azure Water Strider is an extremely useful mount for mining in this area, if you’re following this particular route. That’s because it allows you to walk on water and avoid a lot of unnecessary aggro. If you don’t have it, any type of water walking can considerably help out. Thus, use a Death Knight, Shaman, Druid or even water walking potions.

Like most Basilisk monsters, the Lagoon Basilisks at El’dranil Shallows cast a stackable debuff which will stun you when it reaches 5 stacks. Avoid pulling too many if your character can’t handle them.

If your character has at least on stun or any other CC talent (preferably AoE), learn that talent before starting your mining operation. Most ore nodes have at least 1-2 monsters nearby, so it’s best to CC them, get the ore quickly, and then deal with them. This way other players won’t be able to steal your ore while you’re fighting the mobs, aspect that unfortunately happens pretty often.

Last but not least, enchanting your gloves with Enchant Gloves: Legion Mining is a good idea, as it will allow you to get your ore faster, sometimes even if a monster is attacking you.

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