Zul’Gurub Quick Farm – 400-500g in 10 minutes

Before proceeding with the description of this farming method, there is one aspect to be clarified. You’ll be making here 400g-500g gold value, not raw gold. Differently put, it’s a quick farming method for Volatile Air, Volatile Life, and Twilight Jasmine.


  • Minimum level 90;

Where to go:

If you play Horde, use the portal in Orgrimmar to teleport to Blasted Lands at Shattered Landing (73,49), fly to Bambala (62,39) in Northern Stranglethorn, and from there go east, to Zul’Gurub (72,33). Or, you can also take the zeppelin from Orgrimmar, to Grom’Gol Base Camp (38,49).

If you play Alliance, fly to the Rebel Camp (48,11) in Northern Stranglethorn directly from Stormwind City, and from there, go south-east to Zul’Gurub (72,33).

Zul'Gurub Map Location

What to do:

This is one of the simplest farming methods that you can undertake. All you have to do is enter Zul’Gurub, go a few steps north from the entrance (to your left, as you enter), and kill the Florawing Hive Queen (level 86, elite quest mob), and loot the Hive Queen’s Honeycomb that she drops. This honeycomb contains 4-6 Volatile Life, Volatile Air and Twilight Jasmine.

Hive Queen - Zul'Gurub Location

Evidently, repeat this 9 more times, until you get your 10-instance lockout.

Each kill should take less than a minute, and your whole farming session here will actually be less than 10 minutes. At the end of your farm, you will have approx. 50 of each of the resources we’ve mentioned. Each one sells for 2-6g (or even more, depending on what server you play), and since these are resources required in various crafts, they usually sell. You’ll rarely remain with them unsold. Thus, each farming session via this method should basically bring you 4-500g.

Florawing Hive Queen Boss


On my last 10 queen kills, I’ve got:Hive Queen Loot

Volatile Air x 55 = 7g / each = 385g
Twilight Jasmine x 47 = 2g / each = 94g
Volatile Life x 48 = 3g / each = 144g

Total: 623g value for 10 minutes of farming.


Of course, if you need to attend a raid or join a group for a different instance, it’s a good idea to not complete 10 Zul’Gurub runs. After 10 runs your whole account will be instance locked, so you won’t be able to join any instance with a different character.

If you have an character with 445+ skill in Engineering, before selling the Volatile Air check the price of Electrified Ether. Sometimes these sell for 20-30g each and Engineers need loads of those to advance their skill. Therefore, if you craft Electrified Ether and sell it, instead of just selling the Volatile Air, you’ll evidently get much more gold.

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