Zul’Farrak (Tanaris) – Mageweave Cloth and Transmog Gear

Ever since Transmogrification was introduced in World of Warcraft, instance farming has improved. Especially at low level, there are many green, tradable armor sets with cool graphics, that players collect. Zul’Farrak is one of the instances where you can get quite a few cool item sets for Transmog, and you will also get tons of Mageweave Cloth.


  • Minimum level 65;
  • AoE spec.

Where to go:

If you play Alliance, teleport to Ironforge, fly to Menethil Harbor (10,60) in Wetlands, take the boat to Theramore (69,51) in Dustwallow Marsh. From here fly to Gadgetzan (50,27) in Tanaris, then go North-West to Zul’Farrak (39,20).

For Horde, teleport to Thunder Bluff in Mulgore, fly to Tanaris at Gadgetzan (50,27) then go North-West to Zul’Farrak (39,20).

Or, if you are going to play a level 85 character or higher, you can teleport to Dalaran in Crystalsong Forest, and use the portal at the Kirin Tor Palace, to teleport to Caverns of Time in Tanaris. From there, simply go North to Zul’Farrak.

Tanaris Zul'Farrak Location Map

What to do:

What you need to do is pretty simple. Start clearing the mobs, focusing on the humanoids (trolls, level 43-46). Your main objective is to collect as much Mageweave Cloth and green items as you can.

I usually start every run by going to the right side of the instance, killing Antu’sul in his cave, in the northeastern corner of Zul’Farrak. After that I fight my way to Theka the Martyr and the third stop is at Doctor Zum’rah‘s little camp, in the northern side of the instance.

Now, at Doctor Zum’rah, open all the graves and kill all the troll-zombies that will pop (I usually finisht them all in 2, 3 pulls tops), then loot their corpses and also loot the graves. Only after you have finished looting, kill the doctor, because if you kill him before, the graves will de-pop.

Zul'Farrak Instance Map

Next, I go and clear the mobs at the stair event, but I skip this event and also the final boss, Chief Ukorz, because it takes time and there’s just little valuable loot. Since the blue items are BoP, they basically have no value.

Then, I go to Gahz’rilla‘s pool, kill all the trolls there, but skip the bosses.

Last but not least, I fight/loot my way South-East, towards the exit.


Here’s the valuable loot I got after my last 2 runs in Zul’Farrak, cca 30 minutes of farming:Zul'Farrak Instance Farming Loot

Mageveave Cloth x 327 = 25g/stack = 408g
Silk Cloth x 20 = 40g/stack = 40g
Valuable Green Item x 10 = 2400g
Pattern: Red Mageweave Vest x 1 = 40g
Pattern: Red Mageweave Headband x 1 = 200g
Superior Healing Potion x 43 = 5g/stack = 10g
Greater Mana Potion x 22 = 5g/stack = 5g
Cash (after selling the trash loot): 24g

TOTAL: 3127g after 30 minutes of farming.


If your inventory gets filled up destroy the Troll Sweat, Cured Ham Steak and Moonberry Juice, these have a pretty low vendor value.

The mobs in Zul’Farrak drop quite some neat transmog gear, such as Tyrant’s Legplates, some of the most revealing plate leggings in the game, for which players pay a fortune. Also, there are various other cool looking weapons, such as Dreadblades or Tusker Swords.

If you disenchant the green/blue items from Zul’Farrak you will obtain: Large and Small Radiant Shards, Lesser and Greater Nether Essence, Vision Dust and Dream Dust. However, it is much more profitable to sell the greens instead of disenchanting them because some of them, especially the pieces of armor with Agility and Stamina and also the weapons, can be sold for 30-40g a pieces.

A Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, or any other type of summonable vendor can be quite handy for getting rid of the trash loot that will fill up your inventory.

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