Isle of Giants – Zandalari Ship Farming Spot

Since nowadays the maximum character level is beyond level 90, farming on the mobs in Isle of Giants (Pandaria) is a lot easier. As the titles suggests, the spot and farming method that we’re going to cover here is the one on the Zandalari ship, docked to the SE of this island. We’ve actually mentioned it before in the Dinosaur Bone farm method in our previous post, but back then server hopping wasn’t implemented, so the farming method on the ship wasn’t viable.

This farming spot and method are quite popular actually, but it’s also great to apply if you need a quick 1,000-2,000 raw gold, without involving the Auction House. Therefore, here are the requirements and what you need to do for this method.


  • Level 100 character;
  • AoE build;
  • Potions of Luck.

Where to go:

Teleport to Pandaria and fly to the Isle of Giants. In case you don’t have the Flight Path to the isle, fly to Zouchin Village (62,30) in Kun-Lai Summit, and from there swim north across the water until you reach the island.

Once on the Isle of Giants, go south-east, to the big Zandalari ship docked there. It’s also marked on the map, you can’t miss it.

Zandalari Ship - Map Location

What to do:

The farming method is pretty simple, similar to the farm for Embersilk in Deepholm. You’ll need to AoE down all the Zandalari Dinomancer elites on the ship, loot everything they drop, then use the Premade Groups function to hop on a different server, and repeat. Also, don’t forget to have a Potion of Luck up all the time, for the extra loot in the Plundered Treasure chests that you will also get from the mobs.

Zandalari Dinomancers

The mobs on the ship drop a lot of stuff, but some of the most important, valuable items to look for are the Zandalari pets: Zandalari, Anklerender, Zandalari Footslasher, Zandalari Kneebiter and Zandalari Toenibbler. These pets don’t have a high AH value, but they do have a vendor value of 62.50g. And the great deal about it, is that you can get more than 20 per hour, if you don’t have too much competition.

War-God Dokah - ship boss

There’s also a rare elite boss, War-God Dokah that pops on the ship. Of course, if you find him up, slay him as he drops Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies and Small Bag of Zandalari supplies, which contain extra valuable loot.


After a gold farming session of one hour, I’ve only got 15 pets, as there was a lot of competition and PvP there. But still, along with the green items and resources from the Plundered Treasure chests, and bags from the boss (got him 3 times), gold and trash loot gold, I’ve got a pretty decent loot value:

Windwool Cloth x 461 = 1g / each = 461g
Black Trillium x 40 = 7g / each = 280g
White Trillium x 34 = 8g / each = 272g
Rain Poppy x 18 = 1g / each = 18g
Primordial Ruby x 3 = 70g / each = 210g
Wild Jade x 5 = 50g / each = 250g
Tiger Opal x 12 = 2g / each = 24g
Ghost Iron Ore x 54 = 2g / each = 108g
Mote of Harmony x 47 = 10g / each = 470g
Kyparite x 95 = 2g / each = 190g
Dinosaur Bones x 863 = 1g / each = 863g
Red Blossom Leek x 403 = 70g
Juicycrunch Carrot x 355 = 46g
Green Item x 19 = 50g / each = 950g
Cournith Waterstrider’s Silken Finery x 1 = 1,200g

Raw gold (after vendoring the trash loot and the pets): 1,532g

Total value: 6,944g

Now, I’ve got really lucky with the Cournith Waterstrider’s Silken Finery which apparently is a nice piece of zandalari-ship-loot-02 zandalari-ship-loot-01transmog gear, and sold for 1,200g. But even without it, I’ve got a pretty decent gold value from all the stuff, and 1,532g in cash, after 1 hour of farming.


When server hopping, always aim for low pop servers (if you know which ones they are). Chances are you’ll find the ship at full pop on such a server.

Evidently, since it’s a popular spot, it’s best to farm here early mornings, and during working days, if you can. You’ll have less competition.

Most of the green items have a rather low AH value, but depending on server, and of course, their aspect, you can still sell some of them in AH, for up to 100-150g. However, in case you don’t want to bother auctioning the green items, their average vendor value is 20g. So, with approx. 20 items per hour, you’ll still get an average of 400g cash if you just vendor them.

Try not to engage opposite faction players in PvP on the ship. Most of them won’t attack you either, as they’re there for farming too. Even if you’re skilled and fully PvP geared, you’ll end up fighting others more than farming, while most players of your own faction will quickly gather and kill the mobs, instead of helping you. Thus, you’ll be at loss.

Since many loot pieces don’t stack, it’s great to have a merchant mount with you. Also, coming to this spot with at least two empty Hexweave Bags is a good idea.

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