WoD: Gorgrond – Best Sumptuous Fur Spot

Although this might not be the best spot in the game to make gold, this is indeed one of the best spots to get Sumptuous Fur. Since this crafting material is required by many Warlords of Draenor crafting recipes, not just in Tailoring or First Aid, and doesn’t quite grow on trees, so far it sells like hot cakes and for a lot of gold. So, here’s where you have to go, and what to do.


  • Minimum level 93;

Where to go:

The spot is located in southern Gorgrond, at Tailthrasher Basin. There are two Flight Masters just near the spot, for both Alliance and Horde, both at Bastion Rise. So, just fly there, or to the nearest outpost you have discovered, and from there go to the most southern point of the map, at Tailthrasher Basin, around (44,91).

Tailthrasher Basin Map Location

What to do:

What you need to do here, is simple. Just grind on the Tailthrasher mobs in the area, including the ones in the caves. They die and respawn pretty quickly, sometimes even instantly. They’re not clustered many, so you can pull them 1 or 2 at the time, which makes it ideal for a crappily geared character, at level 93-94. Although the mobs are not many, the drop rate for Sumptuous Fur is pretty high and you can get over 2 stacks per hour.

Tailthrasher Basin Spot


After one hour of grinding on the mobs at the Tailthrasher Basin, I managed to get tTailthrasher Basin Sumptuous Fur Loothe following loot:

Sumptuous Fur x 413 = 850g / stack = 1755g
Green BoE Item x 10 = 150g / each = 1500g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 243g

Total: 3498g


I have estimated all greens to a flat 150g a piece. However, at the moment, especially the weapons with Agility and Strength, sell for up to 1000g. So, you will probably get much more from your greens here. It’s definitely more profitable to just auction them as they are, and not disenchant them for the materials.

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