Volatile Air Farming Spot

Similar to the farming spot in Silithus for Essence of Air, there’s one in Uldum, for Volatile Air. Volatile Air still is an expensive essence and many tailors use if to get Dreamcloth for Illusionary Bags. So, in case you don’t transmute it from Volatile Life, a nice spot to farm Volatile Air is at Orsis in Uldum.


  •  Minimum level 83;

Where to go:

If you play Alliance, teleport to Stormwind City, if you play Horde, teleport to Orgrimmar. Use the portal and teleport to Uldum, at Ramkahen. (54,34). From there, move West to Orsis (40,40).

Volatile Air Farming Spot - Uldum Orsis Map

What to do:

Start grinding on the Scions of Al’Akir and on the Sweeping Winds. Although the drop rate is pretty low, they do drop Volatile Air. Believe it or not, it is the best spot in the game to gather this resource. You can come here at level 83, but you’ll be much faster killing them if you’re level 85.

Volatile Air Farming Mobs

Since the mobs are quite scattered among the ruins, having an epic flying mount and Azerothian flying skill really helps. The respawn rate is not bad anyways, and even if there are many other players here, you’ll still have plenty of mobs to kill.On a PvP server, keep an eye out for opposite faction players, because there’s always a dispute over the mobs between players here.

The Scions of Al’Akir and the Sweeping Winds don’t have quite a rich loot table, but the Volatile Air is quite a needed resource, not very easy to farm, and price stays usually high.

Loot: Volatile Air Farming Loot

After 1 hour of farming air elementals at Orsis, I ended up with the following valuable loot:

Volatile Air x 52 = 15g/each = 780g
Green Item x 5 = 50g/each = 250g

Cash (after selling the trash loot) = 68g

 TOTAL: 1098g in 1 hour of farming.


Volatile Air isn’t very easy to obtain, but it’s needed for quite many professions. Engineers need quite a lot to boost their skill from 450 to 525.

If this spot is too crowded, a good alternative for it is at Twilight Breach (40,45), in Twilight Highlands. However, the air elementals there are level 84 and most of them are paired with another mob. This makes a more difficult spot. Never made more than 25 Volatile Air, while in Uldum I reached 60 in one hour, when I got lucky.

You can also obtain Volatile Air if you are an engineer and have the Electrostatic Condenser. While mining, skinning or gathering herbs, this gizmo will allow you to get additional Volatile Air along with these resources. However, the drop rate isn’t that great.

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