Two Valuable Items To Get From Follower Missions

Many players complain that when Warlods of Draenor was released, WoW became “WoWville”, and now you have to complete many daily tasks within your Garrison. But on the other hand, your Garrison is indeed a goldmine, as you can make 10s of thousands of gold weekly, in various ways, depending on the buildings you have.

Follower missions are also an excellent source of gold. There are rare follower missions which can grant you extremely valuable items that can be sold to the Auction House. This post puts into view two of these items: Elixir of the Rapid Mind and Champion’s Honor.

What are these items?

Champion’s Honor is quite an awesome item that grants you 1000 Conquest Points! You simply right click the item and get over half of your weekly CP cap. Needless to say, many players that don’t have that much time to play arena or rated BGs, or have several alts that they want fully geared with PvP items, would invest in Champion’s Honor tokens. Champion’s Honor is available from The Botani Stirr rare follower mission. And currently, its average price on most servers varies between 15,000-16,000g.

The Botani Stirr Follower Mission

Elixir of the Rapid Mind  is (as you can see on the thumbnail description), a potion that grants your 300% XP gain for 15 min. As opposed to the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge which works for players only up to lvl 84, the Elixir of the Rapid Mind works for characters up to lvl 99. It’s also BoE and can be sold at AH. Its current price varies between 6-7000g, on most servers. This potion is available from the rare follower mission Arakkoa Ancestry.


Evidently, there are some requirements to get these items. So, here’s everything that you should know regarding their acquiring. Elixir of the Rapid Mind

1. First of all, in order to benefit from The Botani Stirr or Arakkoa Ancestry rare missions, you will need:

– 675 iLvL on character; the gear does not need to be equipped in order for the missions to pop;
– 3 followers with 675 item level;
– 7 followers with 645 item level;

2. These 2 rare missions are actually part of a group of 10 rare missions, and you can benefit from only 1 of the 10, per character, per week. In other words, even if you meet the requirements for rare missions, you may not get Arakkoa Ancestry or The Botani Stirr on a character, but a rare mission from the remaining 8th. The other missions also have nice rewards, but not all sell for as much as these two particular items. Therefore, to maximize your weekly chances to get either a Conquests Point token or XP elixir, you should have several characters with 675 gear, and 10 followers with the required iLvL, on each character.


In order to gear up your followers fast, it’s best to have a War Mill (Horde) or Dwarven Bunker (Alliance), at level two, which opens work orders for follower gear.

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