Treasure Chest Farming Route – Easy 10k Gold

Each World of Warcraft zone, old or new, has its share of treasures and treasure chests of all kinds. Some of the valuables you can find in such a chest can bring you over 10k gold, with minimum effort. All you need it a little bit of luck, and of course, to know where to look for chests.

The following treasure chest route extends over 3 zones of Kalimdor: Uldum, Silithus and Un’Goro Crater. It’s a route covering over 40 Silken Treasure Chests locations.


  • Minimum level 85;
  • Artisan Riding;
  • Flight Master’s License;
  • GatherMate2 (optional);
  • GatherMate2Data (optional).

Where to go:

Use the portal in your main city, Stormwind or Orgrimmar, and teleport to Ramkahen in Uldum.

Uldum Chest Route

Silithus Chest Route

Un'Goro Crater Chest Route

What to do:

Simply follow the route pointed out by the above maps, and check each and every location, for Silken Treasure Chests. Note that some of the chests, in fact quite several, spawn underground, especially in the bug lairs in Silithus and Un’Goro. Also, as far as I’ve noticed, the chests in each area have a shared respawn, and do not respawn that often. So far, I haven’t found more than two Silken Chests up, in one run, per area.

Your main objective is to find the Orb of Deception, a toy that allows you to change the appearance of your character, which sells for at least 10k gold on most servers. Although it’s a rare item, and basically a world drop, the chances for it to drop from a Silken Treasure Chest are not that bad.

Anyway, even if you don’t find this toy, you can still find plenty of cool transmog gear, which you can sell for nice amounts of gold.

With a fast flying mount and some speed abilities on your character, a complete chest run in these 3 areas shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes.


On my last chest run in these 3 areas, in which I completed this route 3 times, spending about 1 hour and 15 minutes, I’ve got the following items: Treasure Chest Farming Loot

Orb of Deception x 1 = 10000g
Demonslayer x 1 = 1000g
Lord Alexander’s Battle Axe x 1 = 150g
Aegis of Stormwind x 1 = 400g
Mace of Apotheosis x 1 = 90g
Mageflame Cloak x 1 = 100g
High Bergg Helm x 1 = 170g
Executioner’s Cleaver x 1 = 350g
Staff of Old Woes x 1 = 100g

Total: 12360g, after 1 hour and 15 minutes of chest hunting.


Although I’ve put the route I usually follow on the maps here, with the some of the chest locations, it’s still a great idea to install the GatherMate2 addon, with the GatherMate2Data module. It will display the treasure locations on your map, and you won’t have to do ALT TAB all the time to see where to go next.

Also, there probably are other treasure locations which I haven’t found yet, and if you do, they will be marked on your maps, if you use this addon. A good idea is to look carefully in all chambers of the insect lair in Silithus and Un’Goro Crater. Almost each lair can contain a chest.

To setup this addon, once you have it installed, type /gathermate, go to Import and check the Treasure box, then hit the Import GatherMate2Data button , and then Okay, to load up your treasure nodes. Also, if you want, you can go to Filter and only keep the Silken Treasure Chests, unchecking the others.

When in Silithus and Un’Goro, kill any rare mob you run into, while following this route. They have a chance to drop eyepatch head equipment, such as Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch, which sells for 1000-2000g for transmog.


  1. I followed the guide, flew around to a good 25 or 30 of the gathermate2 spawn locations and did not see a single chest. Waste of time.

    • Chests are not always up. If a player picks one chest up, it takes time for it to respawn. And it might respawn in another place, that I haven’t found yet, which isn’t shown by gathermate. And by the way, players DO FARM these chests. There are quite many who follow their own chest routes. Plus, quite many chests pop in places where there are several quests, where players leveling up come across them by accident. Sometimes you find them, sometimes you don’t. But so far, I’ve got 6 orbs. This is indeed easy farming, and you can do it while in queue for BGs, dungeons etc.

  2. Awesome thank you. Just one question, what happens if you are below lvl 85? Will you not be able to loot them?

    • The level requirement has nothing to do with looting the chests. It’s just that one of the zones in the route is lvl 85 (Uldum) … and it’s gonna suck if you’re lower in level. You’ll aggro all the mobs. However, you can skip this zone, and only go for Silithus and Un’Goro. Also, Tanaris if you want.

  3. Could someone post tomtom cords for this, it would be greatly appreciated

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