Transmogrification Gear Farming Guide: The Doomwalker

One of the best ways to get 5.000 or up to 20.000 gold worth of loot in World of Warcraft, within less than 10 minutes of farming, is to hunt some of the outdoor bosses in Outland. The Doomwalker in Shadowmoon Valley is one of the bosses that drops quite a few super cool looking, BoE items, that can be sold for a lot of gold. So, here’s a short guide on where to find the Doomwalker, how to kill it and what it drops.


  • Minimum level 80;
  • Tank spec;
  • Tank gear, Tier 8 should be enough.

Where to go:

From your main city, Orgrimmar or Stormwind City, teleport to Blasted Lands, go through the Dark Portal, and fly to Wildhammer Stronghold (36,58) if you play Alliance, or to Shadowmoon Village (29,29), if you play Horde, in Shadowmoon Valley. From there go all the way East to the Black Temple, at (73,44).

Doomwalker Location Map

What to do:

You’re going to kill the Doomwalker, the boss that guards the gate to the Black Temple.

The strategy to kill this boss isn’t very complicated. It has 4 abilities:

1) Crush Armor. A stackable armor debuff that removes 10% of your armor for each stack.
2) Overrun. The Doomwalker charges at you throwing you back.
3) Earthquake. An AoE damage that knocks down everyone around it.
4) Chain Lightning. Similar to the shamans Chain Lightning, this spell will jump to anyone within 10 yards, the damage being doubled from target to target.

Doomwalker Spot

Now, this boss’s ability that you should fear most is the Crush Armor debuff. This debuff can reach a stack of 10 and you will lose 100% of your armor. Therefore, to avoid getting too many stacks of the debuff, use dodging abilities, cooldowns and equipment with as much dodge as possible. When the boss does its Earthquake, run as far as you can so that the armor debuff will reset by the time the boss reaches you again.

At 20%, the Doomwalker will enrage, doubling its physical damage, so make sure you have all your cooldowns up. Also, try not to have too many stacks of the armor debuff by the time the boss reaches this phase.

Of course, this boss shouldn’t be a problem for a level 90 character. However, it can be done with a level 80, well-geared tank with heals, such as a Paladin or Death Knight, or with a Hunter with a good tanky pet such as a turtle.

If you die during this encounter, you will receive a 15 min. debuff, Mark of Death, and you won’t be able to resurrect because the boss’s Aura of Death will instantly kill you. If you die, someone will probably kill the boss by the time you’re going to be able to resurrect. So, basically you have one shot at this boss, use it wisely.


The fight usually takes about 20 minutes with a level 80 character, or… less than a few minutes, if you bring on a lvl 100 toon. This boss drops around 500g everytime and also 2 BoE epics. Last time I killed it, I got the following loot:

Fathom Helm of the Deeps (mail) x 1 = 2500g
Terrorweave Tunic (leather) x 1 = 2500g

Cash: 504g

TOTAL: 5504g after 5 minutes of farming.


The Doomwalker has a long respawn timer, 3-4 days, and many players have one character logged off at its location, checking it from time to time. That’s why it’s not going to be easy to find it up.

If you play a level 80 DK, don’t use Army of the Dead, because its Chain Lightning will hit all your ghouls and if it ends with you, it will inflict a lot of damage and you will probably die.

If you play a Hunter, make sure you bring a turtle pet.

The best item that can drop from The Doomwalker is the Ethereum Nexus-Reaver, quite an awesome looking 2-handed axe, which can be sold for up to 20,000 gold. In case you get this axe, it’s a good idea to broadcast on your main city trade chat that you’re selling it. It’s a rare item, and many players that might be interested in it, won’t search for it in AH every day. So, this way there’s a good chance you might get a buyer right away, especially if you broadcast during the server’s rush hour.

The items that I got from this kill, Fathom Helm of the Deeps and Terrorweave Tunic, can also be sold for over 5000g, depending on the server you play and the time you sell them. For example, if it has been quite some time from an expansion, or major patch, and players are bored, they will focus on getting transmog gear, and it’s more likely that more players will be interested in these items.

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