Transmogrification Gear Farming Spot – Doom Lord Kazzak

There are quite a few outdoor bosses that you can easily farm nowadays with an 85+ character. One of them is Doom Lord Kazzak. In case you haven’t killed this boss so far, you should know that it drops BoE epic items. And not only these are great twink items to have, some of them have an awesome aspect and can be sold for 1000’s of gold for transmog.


  • Minimum level 85;
  • A character with healing spells or with defensive gear;
  • Flying mount.

Where to go:

Horde – Teleport to Orgrimmar, and pass through the portal there, into Badlands. Go through the Dark Portal (53,53) into Hellfire Peninsula and go to Throne of Kil’Jaeden, at (63,16).

Alliance – Teleport to Stormwind City, go to the Mage Quarter, at the Wizard’s Sanctum (49,87) and go through the portal to Badlands. Pass through the Dark Portal (53,53) into Outland and go to Throne of Kil’Jaeden, at (63,16).

Transmogrification Gear Farming Spot

What to do:

Your objective is to kill Doom Lord Kazzak, if you find it up, of course. This mob isn’t usually up because many players camp it. The loot it drops is quite nice. It has a minimum 1 day respawn rate. So, if you catch him up and kill him, come back after 24 hours to have higher chances to find him up.

Although it’s not hard to solo with a level 85 character, I don’t think it can be killed with any class at level 85. I’ve never tried to kill this boss with an 85 Rogue and I believe that soloing it with this class is quite problematic. However, with a maxed lvl 90 toon and good gear, it should fall quickly, without any hassle.

Doom Lord Kazzak

Just as I said, it’s best to come here with a character with defensive gear or healing spells. A feral druid, a protection or even retribution paladin or a death knight are ideal for this boss. I also have killed it with a hunter using a turtle pet. With a level 90 character (any class) it shouldn’t be a problem though.

Doom Lord Kazzak has quite a wide range of spells that casts at you. I’m going to mention here the most important of them:

  1. Mark of Kazzak. Casts a non-curable debuff on a random player in range with mana. It will drain the target’s mana for 5% of his total mana per second and explodes for 5,000 AoE damage when there is no more mana to drain. Lasts 8 sec.;/li>
  2. Void Bolt – a shadow damage bolt, cast only on the player that has the main threat, in this case – you;
  3. Thunderclap – AoE nature damage spell, that also slows you;
  4. Cleave – the boss ‘s main melee attack.

The area where the boss is, is crammed with demons that will probably attack you as you fight the boss. So, if you have healing spells or other damaging spells that are unlocked after killing a target, they might help you resist better.

Loot: Throne of Kil'Jaeden Loot 

Unfortunately, my last kill of Doom Lord Kazzak didn’t bring me the Hope Ender or the Exodar Life-Staff. However, the two items it dropped were:

Ancient Spellcloak of the Highborne x 1 = 250g
Topaz-Studded Battlegrips x 1 = 300g

Cash: 484g

TOTAL: 1034g after 5 minutes of farming.


Doom Lord Kazzak, as well as the Doomwalker in Shadowmoon Valley are two of the easiest ways in WoW to get a lot of gold. Items they drop, like the Hope Ender or the Ethereum Nexus-Reaver, sell for over 10k gold, since they are very cool looking and many players want these weapons for transmogrifications. All the gear they drop is BoE, so even if the items you get don’t have a great design for transmografication, players still buy them to use at level 70-75.

Once you find the boss and kill it, write down the time and date you kill it, to remember to log on by the time it will spawn next.

You can bring a level 85+ alt and keep it logged here all the time if you have one to spare. This also stands for the Doomwalker, the gate guardian at the Black Temple.

If you play on a PvP server, it’s going to be tricky to kill this boss, because opposite faction players most likely camp it too, so you might get attacked. Therefore, if you find the mob up early in the morning or late at night, it’s going to be a plus.

If you play a Hunter, make sure you use a tenacity pet. Of course, at level 100, it shouldn’t matter much what pet you use.

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