Tanaan Jungle Rare Elites Farming

Similar to Timeless Isle from Pandaria, Tanaan Jungle is a zone packed with normal rare and rare elite NPCs. Evidently, each one of them can drop valuable stuff, but most of the items they drop are bind-on-pickup. However, several of them can drop BoE items that can be sold at AH for a lot of gold. SomeMedallion of the Legionof the most valuable sellable items that can be acquired from certain rare elites, are Medallions of the Legion.

Medallions of the Legion are tokens that grant you 1,000 reputation with the most important factions of Draenor. They’re tradable, can be sold in AH, and currently they sell for 3-4,000g. Needless to say, most players want to cap their reputation with all factions, and due to this fact, these medallions sell like hot cakes. They can drop only from 4 specific elites in Tanaan Jungle: Doomroller, Deathtalon, Terrorfist and Vengeance.

These bosses can drop loot only one time per day, per character. Also, the drop rate for Medallions of the Legion is around 10%-12%. However, if you farm them with 3-4 characters each day, you should be able to get at least one every day. Which is pretty much easy gold.

Tanaan Medallion Rare Elites

Now, since these bosses require multiple people to kill, the best idea is to use the Premade Groups function, and join any group for these mobs. In this case though, you’d better have a flying mount and the Draenor Pathfinder achievement, in order to quickly move to a rare’s location. If you can’t fly in Draenor yet, you can camp the location of each boss until it spawns. Or, move to the location of one boss, and continuously refresh the Premade Groups section, until a group for that particular boss pops up, and join that group. The respawn times on these elite rares varies between 1-3 hours.

The TomTom locations for these elites are:

/way Tanaan Jungle 47 52 Doomroller
/way Tanaan Jungle 24 40 Deathtalon
/way Tanaan Jungle 32 73 Vengence
/way Tanaan Jungle 15 63 Terrorfist

In order to benefit from loot from any of these bosses, you don’t need to be in a certain group. If players are already killing it, just make sure you hit the boss once, and you’ll be able to get your daily loot.

vengeance-boss terrorfist-feat






You can get a Medallion of the Legion from a specific rare follower mission: Eldritch Horrors. But, in order to be eligible for this mission, you need to have at least 675 iLvL on your character, at least 3 followers with 675 iLvL, and 7 more followers at 645 iLvL. This is a weekly mission, and you may or may not get it, as other rare follower missions can pop instead of it.

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