Sra’Vess – LvL 90 Spot for Windwool Cloth and Mote of Harmony

With the 5.3 nerf of the Unga Ingoo spot, I’m pretty sure most players are looking for different spots to farm Windwool Cloth and Mote of Harmony. So, one of the best spots is at Sra’Vess, in western Townlong Steppes.


  • Minimum level 90;
  • Tailoring skill 325;
  • Northern Cloth Scavenging;
  • 3 x Potion of Luck;
  • AoE spec.

Also, since the mobs hit quite hard, it’s best to have to bring on some gear, somewhat 496+ (i.e. Timeless Isle gear).

Where to go:

Teleport to Pandaria, fly to Townlong Steppes, at Shado-Pan Garrison (50,72), and from there go north-west to the Sra’Vess isle.

Sra'Vess Windwool Cloth Map Location

What to do:

In the southern part of the isle, you will find a high concentration of Sra’thik mantid NPCs. Pop up a Potion of Luck every 20 min. and start grinding on the Sra’thik mobs here, looting everything they drop.

Try to avoid the Caustic Spray cast by the Sra’thik Drones. It’s quite a nasty one, and as it reaches 8 stacks, it will deal 7600 dmg every 2 sec, and reduce your armor by 80%. Sra’thik Regenerators also apply a -25% casting speed.

The mobs are plenty, and they respawn quite quickly, you’ll basically never run out of mobs here, even if there are other players. However, since they’re quite tough, you should see first how many your character can hold, and avoid pulling more, to minimize chances of dying.



After one hour spent here, playing a level 90, iLvL 489, Blood DK, I ended up with the following loot:

Windwool Cloth x 380 = 30g / stack = 570gSra'Vess Windwool Cloth Loot
White Trillium Ore x 8 = 7g / each = 56g
Black Trillium Ore x 19 = 8g / each = 152g
Ghost Iron Ore x 17 = 26g
Exotic Leather x 10 = 20g
Green Item x 18 = 660g
Mote of Harmony x 39

Cash after selling the trash loot: 284g

TOTAL: 1768g after 1 hour of farming.


Now, if you come with a nicely geared character here, I’m pretty sure you can pull at least 30 stacks of Windwool Cloth per hour, and over 50 Motes of Harmony. As a Blood DK, I reckon I’ve been grinding pretty slowly. Plus, on my server there’s almost always some PvP going on at this location.

As you go across the water to the Sra’vess isle, you might want to check the entrance of Niuzao Catacombs (32,62) for a rare mob, Yul Wildpaw. Among a few crappy blue items, it can drop a Big Bag of Wonders with plenty of nice stuff, typically enchanting materials.

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