Best Farming Spot for Rylak Eggs

Even though Savage Feasts obtained through the Garrison Barn are pretty powerful foods, Cooking still has much to offer to the ones who boost this profession. One of the feasts that can be crafted with Cooking is Feast of Blood, and this one requires Rylak Eggs.

Now, Rylak Eggs aren’t that easy to farm. That’s why their price continues to remain pretty high. So, here’s one of the best spots (if not the best) in the game to farm Rylak Eggs.


  • Level 100 character.

Where to go:

From your Garrison, fly to Darktide Roost (60,80), in Shadowmoon Valley.

In case you don’t have this FP discovered, if you play Alliance, simply follow the shore south-west from your Garrison, and go across the water until you reach the island.

Darktide Roost - Map

For Horde it’s a bit trickier. But the easiest way to get here, without having to deal with the hostility of the terrain in western Shadowmoon, just fly to Pinchwhistle Gearworks in Spires of Arakk, and from there follow the shore east, into Shadowmoon Valley. It’s the easiest if you use an Elixir of Water Walking, or a strider mount. There’s less aggro on the water.

What to do:

As you get to Darktide Roost, start grinding on the Darkwing Matrons here. These rylaks drop eggs and Sumptuous Fur. You will find more of them on the cliffs of the island, but there are several on the ground, in the eastern part as well. As you fight the rylaks, keep your view oriented up if possible, to see any mob flying close to you and pull it down right away.

Darkwing Matron

Needless to say, it’s best to come here with a ranged character, to be able to easily pull the mobs that fly in your range. You’ll get more kills this way.

Also, in case you’ve been farming Apexis Crystals via the Garrison dailies, you’re probably aware that this place is a daily quest area. So, if the daily for Apexis Crystals is here, it’s best to schedule your farming session for another day. The isle will be crowded and fewer mobs for you to kill.


After a one hour grind on the rylaks at Darktide Roost, I’ve got the following: Rylak Eggs Loot

Rylak Egg x 60 = 10g / each = 600g
Sumptuous Fur x 107 = 1g / each = 107g
Green Item x 3 = 100g / each = 300g

Cash (after selling the trash loot) = 105g

Total: 1112g


The Darktide Engineers that you can also find on the island, drop Goblin Rocket Packs. When used, a rocket pack gives you the ability to jump higher, ability that lasts 3 minutes. So, before going after the mobs on theDarktide Engineer higher cliffs, take down a few goblins until you get a rocket pack. This way, your rock-climbing will be a lot easier.

You’ll also find Darkwing Whelplings on the island. These don’t drop anything, but if engaged in combat, they call for help. If a matron is nearby, it will swoop in to help. This way, you can pull the ones up hills, which are out of your reach, or the ones that fly close.

In case you don’t have a ranged character at level 100, and you have to come here with a melee character, it’s a good idea to purchase a few stacks of Mecha-Blast Rockets from the Auction House, before coming here. These rockets have quite a range, and will make easier the pulling of the flying rylaks.

Lastly, since these rylaks drop Sumptuous Fur, you can get extra fur, if you play a character with Tailoring 325+, due to the Cloth Scavenging passive.

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