Rare Boss Farming – Karr the Darkener & Nalash Verdantis

Each one of the Pandaria zones has its share of rare mobs. Most of them have a rather fast respawn rate, 1.5-2 hours, drop nice stuff, and some of them can drop nice BOEs that can be sold at AH. Here are two bosses in Dread Wastes to camp and farm for nice items. They both have a chance to drop blue vanity pets, among other things.


  • Level 90;
  • Flying mount and Pandaria Flying.

Where to go:

Travel to Pandaria then fly to Klaxi’vess, in the Dread Wastes. From there, go to the Terrace of Gurthan (72,38) and then to the Lake of Stars (65,60).

Rare Boss Farming - Dread Wastes Map

What to do:

Your main objectives are to find Karr the Darkener at the Terrace of Gurthan (72,38) and Nalash Verdantis at the the Lake of Stars (64,59), and kill them for their loot. They both spawn at the locations mentioned, they don’t have any roaming routes and they are pretty much easy to spot.

Now, most of the items they drop are bind-on-pickup, however, each one of these bosses drops a battle pet which can be sold at the Auction House. Karr the Darkener has a chance to drop Imbued Jade Fragment, which teaches you to summon very cool looking elemental combat pet – Grinder. Nalash Verdantis has a chance to drop Hollow Reed which teaches you to summon the Aqua Strider. Both these combat pets sell for over 5000 gold.

Grinder and Aqua Strider

You probably won’t find these bosses up, so you’ll have to wait for them to spawn. However, the respawn rate is rather short, between 1 and 1,5 hours. Once you found one up, write down what time it was when you killed it, or when it has been killed, to know when to check again for it later.

Abilities and Tactics:

Karr the DarkenerKarr the Darkener

This boss have the following special abilities:

Interrupt any of his Shadowbolts whenever you can. Move away quickly from the Voidclouds, because they deal a lot of damage. Karr the Darkener is immune to Fear or crowd control effects, however you can slow him down, run a bit away from him and use a bandage if it’s the case. Don’t run too far though, it may reset.

Also, if your character has any powerful or useful spells or abilities which unlock after killing a mob (like the Warrior’s Victory Rush which grants a lot of healing when used), you can pull some of the Sap Flies nearby and kill them quickly, to unlock those abilities. The Sap Flies should die in 1-2 hits.

It helps if you keep the place clear of any other adds. Also, try not to aggro any Ancient Guardians near the boss. They have a stackable Crush Armor debuff which will strip you off 10% armor on each stack.

Nalash VerdantisNalash Verdantis

The speacial abilities for this boss are:

  • Water Bolt – 200% weapon damage as frost;
  • Rain Dance – conjures a rain of water inflicting frost damage upon impact;
  • Torrent – inflicts 28% of target’s maximum health in frost damage, per second, over 6 seconds.

Interrupt any of Nalash’s Torrent spells if possible because they deal a massive amount of damage. If you can, interrupt any of his Waterbolts. When he casts Rain Dance, move away and use a bandage. Although you can’t Fear him or use any other crowd control spells on him, you can stun him to interrupt his spells or use any slow effects to run away for a short distance and use a bandage if possible.

Also, it helps to clear some of the crocolisks in the water to make sure you won’t aggro any as you’re fighting the boss.


Although it requires some luck to get the pets, once you know when to log in to kill them it doesn’t take too long farming them. So, you can end up with a very valuable pet in just a few minutes.

There are plenty of minerals and herbs to gather around each of the rare bosses’ location, so if you bring along a miner or a herbalist, you can do some gathering while you wait for them to spawn. Also, you can grind for Mote of Harmony on the Mistblade mobs near the Lake of Stars.

If your character has Skinning, you can grind on the Coldbite Crocolisks in the lake. Or, you can complete the Klaxxi daily quests while you wait for these bosses to pop.

Although you can reach any of these bosses using a ground mount, it may take you too long if you don’t have Pandaria flying yet, and in the mean time someone just might kill them.

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