Quick 2000 Gold With A Worgen Character

If you already have a Worgen character, guess what? There’s a very quick way to score 1500-2000g or even more, depending on the server you play. That of course, if you haven’t cashed in your “2000g ticket” yet.

So, let’s see how you can easily score a quick 2000g with a Worgen character.

What to do:

First of all, if you don’t have a Worgen character yet, go on, create one and either level it up until you finish with the entry level zone, or roll up a Worgen Death Knight and finish the initiation quests. It appears that you can actually finish the Death Knight intro quests much quicker than completing the Worgen intro zone.

Once your Worgen can get to Stormwind City, all you have to do is visit Audrey Burnhep (69,24), near the Cataclysm portals area, and purchase the Worgen specific battle pet – the Gilnean Raven. Then, simply sell this pet in AH for 2000g or even more.


What’s so special about the Gilnean Raven?

In case you’re not into pet battles, you probably wonder what’s so special about this pet. Well, for starters, it’s available only once per character, and you can purchase it only with a Worgen character. If for example, you browse the merchant with a Human character, she will sell you an Orange Tabby Cat, not a Gilnean Raven.

The raven costs 20 silver when you purchase it from the Battle Pet Trainer.

willlarsons audreyburnhep







Secondly, this pet has some awesome abilities. One of them is NEVERMORE, a unique ability (an allusion to Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”) that stops the other battle pet from using its next ability for the next 5 rounds. This pet also has Call Darkness which is a healing debuff, causing the other pet to receive 50% less heal. Also, Darkflame has a similar effect. This being said, this pet is extremely effective against Elite Battle Pets, which have superior healing abilities.


The Gilnean Raven is also sold by Will Larsons (50,20) in Darkshore.

In case you play a Hunter, and you would like to have a Hunter-pet similar to the Gilnean Raven companion, you should tame an Upland Raven from Kun-Lai Summit. The can be found in the central area of the zone, at (51,48)

In case YOU ARE into pet battles, my suggestion to you is to keep this pet. It’s a very useful pet vs. any pets with heals.

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