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Custom Premade Groups

One of the most farming-friendly UI functions added in Warlords of Draernor is the Premade Groups Finder. Despite this fact though, not many players know how to use it, and actually profit from it. Therefore, in this post I’m going to explain how this function works and how you can actually use it to improve your farming.

What’s the “Premade Groups” feature?

Premade Groups is a feature that gives players from various servers the opportunity to form or join groups for different purposes in the game. You can access this feature via the Dungeons & Raids tab –> Premade Groups.

Once you’re in the Premade Groups menu, you can create a group, give it a description, specify the minimum iLevel of players that can join, and whether or not they require any communication software. Or, you can simply join a group already in progress, doing the quests, raids, PvP battles, that you also want.

Now, the thing is, whenever you join a group already in progress, you will automatically be transferred on the server of the group leader.

How to use “Premade Groups” when farming?

Now, since this features allows you to swap servers, there are several tricks you can pull. In other words, joining a specific group fits to several farming methods quite well.

1. Farming rares. In case you want to farm a certain rare mob, simply go to the location where it should spawn, kill it if you find it, and then join a group from the Custom groups list, in the Premade Groups tab, a group for which the leader is not from your server. You will automatically be transferred to the group leader’s server, but your character will remain at its current location in the game. Therefore, you may find the rare mob up once again, on the new server. You can repeat this by joining and leaving various groups, until there aren’t anymore other groups to join. This will result in multiple kills of the same rare mob, within a few minutes.

2. Farming mobs with AoE. In case you’re AoE farming on certain mobs, for cloth or other stuff, you may have too much competition on your server, or simply you might be too fast and you’ll have to wait several minutes for the mobs to respawn. That’s where the Premade Groups feature comes in. Simply join a group to change server once you have cleared the mobs on your server, and there’s a good chance you’ll find the spot at full spawn.

3. Gathering resources. Especially if you play on a high-population server, following a specific ore gathering route, or herb gathering route may result in a total waste of time, since many other players may gather just everything they find. This can be solved by swapping servers, and joining a lower-pop server.


If you’re farming something, it’s always best to join the groups you will find in the Custom tab. Most Custom groups are PvE oriented, and don’t require your assistance. Therefore, you won’t get kicked if you don’t actually attend the same actions as the other members of the group.

Especially if you are farming rares, make sure you remember which servers you’ve cleared of that specific rare, to avoid re-joining and waste your time.

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