Instance Farming: Pit of Saron

Pit of Saron is a great place to farm Frostweave Cloth and green / epic WotLK gear. Therefore, whether you want Frostweave to sell, or to craft, and items to sell for transmog or for WotLK enchanting materials, Pit of Saron is an excellent farming destination, especially now, as the number of instance resets per hour has been increased to 10.

So, here are the requirements and what exactly you should do, for a good farming session in Pit of Saron.


  • Flying mount;
  • Minimum level 90;
  • AoE spec;
  • Tailoring skill 325;
  • Northern Cloth Scavenging;
  • Enchanting skill 375.

Where to go:

From Dalaran, use your flying mount and fly west into Icecrown. Go to the southern part of Icecrown, at Icecrown Citadel, enter the Frozen Halls (the entrance is up, in the western part of the citadel, see map and pic), and then enter Pit of Saron.

Pit of Saron Location Map

Entrance Location To Pit of Saron

 What to do:

As you enter, mount up and pull all the mobs to the left of the pit, and move up to the 1st boss Ick and Krick. AoE all the thrash including the boss, and then move to the 2nd boss, Forgemaster Garfrost. Defeat him too, mount up once more, body pull the remaining mobs on your way to the entrance, AoE them down as well, then exit and reset.

You don’t have to go down into the pit. Also, unless you want loot from Scourgelord Tyrannus, the final boss, don’t go up to his chamber. It’s a waste of time.

The whole run of these two first bosses, along with all the thrash mobs around the pit should take 4 minutes tops.

Pit of Saron Instance Spot


After 5 runs, your inventory should be pretty much stuffed. This is what I’ve got after 5 runs – 20 minutes of farming:

Frostweave Cloth x 346 = 35g / stack = 605g
Book of Glyph Mastery x 3 = 30g / each = 90g
Green Item x 31 = 50g / each = 1550g
Epic Item x 12 = Abyss Crystal x 14 = 25g / each = 350g
Cash (after selling the thrash loot): 314g

TOTAL: 2909g after 20 minutes (5 runs) of farming in Pit of Saron.

Pit of Saron Loot


Having a portable merchant such as Jeeves, or a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth with merchants, really helps a lot, as these mobs also drop a lot of thrash loot. Having a merchant with you will allow you to do more runs before filling up your inventory with valuable items.

I’ve evaluated all the green items to a flat 50g each, but some of them really look nice and can be sold for 100-200g or even more, as people will buy them as transmog gear.

If you have the Formula: Enchant Weapon – Berserking, you might as well craft one from the Abyss Crystals that you get. Within 5 runs you will get a minimum of 10 crystals, the amount required for this enchantment, which can be sold for 6-700g or even more. The rest of materials, apart from the Abyss Crystals, are quite cheap, and you’ll get plenty by disenchanting some of the green loot.



    After 5 runs on heroic, with gold from mobs and after selling all trash, y made less than 300g.

    Thanks for wasting my time.


    • As you can see, the amount of dropped gold and from selling the trash loot, is not that high for my listed run either. Just 314g. The 2900ish gold that I’ve made in 20 min, is “ITEM GOLD VALUE”, not raw gold. It’s what I’ve got after selling the loot in AH. Also, at that time, some of the pieces I’ve got within that loot, sold pretty well, but I’ve given them here a round 50g / piece here, which is actually less that I’ve got for them. Some of them sell for 100-150g at the moment.

      But, on the other hand, if you didn’t get at least 25 green items, after 5 runs, they must have nerfed the spot, I think. This post is after all, one and a half years old. 😛

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