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Instance Farming: Pit of Saron

Icecrown Citadel - PoS

Pit of Saron is a great place to farm Frostweave Cloth and green / epic WotLK gear. Therefore, whether you want Frostweave to sell, or to craft, and items to sell for transmog or for WotLK enchanting materials, Pit of Saron is an excellent farming destination, especially now, as the number of instance resets per hour has been increased to 10. So, here are the ... Read More »

Sra’Vess – LvL 90 Spot for Windwool Cloth and Mote of Harmony


With the 5.3 nerf of the Unga Ingoo spot, I’m pretty sure most players are looking for different spots to farm Windwool Cloth and Mote of Harmony. So, one of the best spots is at Sra’Vess, in western Townlong Steppes. Requirements: Minimum level 90; Tailoring skill 325; Northern Cloth Scavenging; 3 x Potion of Luck; AoE spec. Also, since the mobs hit quite hard, it’s ... Read More »

Zul’Farrak (Tanaris) – Mageweave Cloth and Transmog Gear

Zul'Farrak Mobs That Drop Transmog Gear

Ever since Transmogrification was introduced in World of Warcraft, instance farming has improved. Especially at low level, there are many green, tradable armor sets with cool graphics, that players collect. Zul’Farrak is one of the instances where you can get quite a few cool item sets for Transmog, and you will also get tons of Mageweave Cloth. Requirements: Minimum level 65; AoE spec. Where to ... Read More »

One of the Best Battle Pets Gold Farming Methods

Bloodknight Antari - Battle Pets Trainer

Most World of Warcraft players that have played and still play Pokemon, for sure enjoy to spend time with pet battles. Evidently, the more pets you have, the better pet combinations you can use, and the higher chances to defeat other players. This being said, you can make nice profits by selling the right pets. However, most players don’t want to spend time leveling pets, ... Read More »

Best Spot To Farm Frostweave Cloth

Icecrown Converted Heroes

There are quite a few good places to farm Frostweave Cloth in the game, including a few instances. However, the spot I’m going to describe here does not require you to defeat elites, which might be more suitable for lower level characters. That’s why, in my opinion, this is the best spot to farm Frostweave Cloth. So, here’s a short WoW guide for farming this ... Read More »

Easy Farming – 3 Hatchlings to Farm and Sell

Dart's Nest - The Darting Hatchling

There are many battle pets in the game that can be farmed very easily, but very few players know where to look for them. Here’s a list of 3 hatchlings that don’t even require grinding on mobs, you just pick them up from various raptor nests. Although you won’t make buckets of gold with them, they still can be sold for 250-500g each, and it’s ... Read More »

Best Spot To Farm Mote of Harmony

Unga Villagers

Spirits of Harmony are one of the bind on pickup materials that any crafter needs, in order to be able to craft end game, Pandaria items. In other words, any crafter has to farm their Mote of Harmony, combine them 10 by 10 to make Spirits of Harmony, and use them in their crafts. There are many places where you can farm Mote of Harmony, ... Read More »

Recipe Farming: The Crusader Enchantment Formula

Scarlet Archmage

Recipe farming in WoW can bring you a lot of gold, if of course, you’re going after the right crafting recipes. And when it comes to expensive WoW recipes, the Crusader enchantment formula¬†stands high on that list. That’s because it’s rather rare, and people typically lose their patience when farming for it. So, here’s the place to farm this nice recipe, which usually sells for ... Read More »

Quick 2000 Gold With A Worgen Character

Gilnean Raven and Worgen Death Knight

If you already have a Worgen character, guess what? There’s a very quick way to score 1500-2000g or even more, depending on the server you play. That of course, if you haven’t cashed in your “2000g ticket” yet. So, let’s see how you can easily score a quick 2000g with a Worgen character. What to do: First of all, if you don’t have a Worgen ... Read More »

Transmogrification Gear Farming Guide: The Doomwalker

The Doomwalker

One of the best ways to get 5.000 or up to 20.000 gold worth of loot in World of Warcraft, within less than 10 minutes of farming, is to hunt some of the outdoor bosses in Outland. The Doomwalker in Shadowmoon Valley is one of the bosses that drops quite a few super cool looking, BoE items, that can be sold for a lot of ... Read More »

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