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Tanaan Jungle Rare Elites Farming


Similar to Timeless Isle from Pandaria, Tanaan Jungle is a zone packed with normal rare and rare elite NPCs. Evidently, each one of them can drop valuable stuff, but most of the items they drop are bind-on-pickup. However, several of them can drop BoE items that can be sold at AH for a lot of gold. Someof the most valuable sellable items that can be ... Read More »

Two Valuable Items To Get From Follower Missions

The Botani Stirr Follower Mission

Many players complain that when Warlods of Draenor was released, WoW became “WoWville”, and now you have to complete many daily tasks within your Garrison. But on the other hand, your Garrison is indeed a goldmine, as you can make 10s of thousands of gold weekly, in various ways, depending on the buildings you have. Follower missions are also an excellent source of gold. There ... Read More »

Draenor Boss Farming: Orumo the Observer


There are many world bosses in WoW that drop nice, BoE loot, which can be sold for a lot of gold. One of the rare spawns in Talador, is Orumo the Observer, and this boss drops a battle pet – Eye of Observation, a pet not particularly strong for battle, but a pet that’s quite cool looking. This pet typically sells for 10-11k gold on ... Read More »

Pets From Events: Midsummer Fire Festival

Spirit of Summer Pet

Almost each World of Warcraft event or in-game festival offers the possibility to get at least a few achievements and collectibles, such as transmog gear, toys or battle pets. Needless to say, some of this stuff can be sold for a lot of gold. Midsummer Fire Festival which just started today, comes with such an opportunity. I’m talking about the battle pets Spirit of Summer ... Read More »

Blackrock Foundry – Heroic Trash Farming


The following gold farming method isn’t exactly an easy one due to various aspects, but mostly because you’re going to grind on heroic, level 100+ raid mobs, and evidently you will have to assemble (or join) a group. Also, it requires a little bit of luck. However, during an hour of farm, you should be able to score at least an epic item, which usually sells ... Read More »

Treasures of Pandaria – 1800+ Raw Gold In Less Than One Hour


One of the easiest ways to make gold in WoW is to collect treasures. The game contains a huge amout of possible locations for treasure chests or other items that can be considered treasures. Of course, some of them may have low value, but others can be sold for a lot of gold. Pandaria has quite a bunch of gray items spread over five zones, ... Read More »

MoP Farming: Ruins of Guo-Lai


Especially now that the maximum WoW level has moved to 100, the Ruins of Guo-Lai in Vale of Eternal Blossoms has become a more viable gold farming spot. Back in the day, you kinda needed some decent gear to farm here properly. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to defeat those mobs with a lvl 100 character, thus more loot. Even though you won’t produce here 10’s of ... Read More »

Blasted Lands Rares Run

Blasted Lands Rares Route

An excellent way to get transmog gear is to farm on the rare mobs in Blasted Lands. The area has quite several rares, and each one of them can drop 1-2, level 50-60 items. Needless to say, some of these items look pretty cool and can be sold for at least a couple of thousand gold. So, here’s the route you should follow, the rares’ ... Read More »

Profits With The Premade Groups Feature

Custom Premade Groups

One of the most farming-friendly UI functions added in Warlords of Draernor is the Premade Groups Finder. Despite this fact though, not many players know how to use it, and actually profit from it. Therefore, in this post I’m going to explain how this function works and how you can actually use it to improve your farming. What’s the “Premade Groups” feature? Premade Groups is ... Read More »

Serpentshrine Cavern Pet Run

Tideskipper Battle Pet

Among the rare battle pets added in patch 5.3, the ones that drop in the Serpentshrine Caverns (SSC) should be on your farming list. That’s because they don’t exactly have a high drop rate, and their price is typically high. Here’s a short guide for what you have to do and which are the pets. Requirements: Minimum level 90; Where to go: Teleport to Shattrath ... Read More »

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