Mount Farming: Garn Nighthowl

Most farmable mounts existent in the game are bind on pickup. However, there still are several mounts that can be farmed to sell in AH. And one of them is Garn Nighthowl.

Even though the price for it continues to decrease, you can still sell it for 4,000 – 5,000g or even 10k on certain servers, at the moment. To farm this mount solo though, you really need some skills, and a level 100, geared Hunter. Even though it’s a raid level boss, it can still be soloed, and here’s how.


Required level 100;
Required class – Hunter;
1 free pet slot in your pet tab;
Movement speed gear:
– Fleet Primal Diamond (meta socket gem)
– Defiler’s Chain Greaves
– Gift of Critical Strike (cloak enchantment)
– Pandaren’s Step / Boar’s Speed (boots enchantments)

Where to go:

If you play Horde, teleport to your Garrison, fly to Wor’gol and from there go a little bit west, to (14,51)

If you play Alliance, you’ll have to do a little bit of walking. Fly to Bloodmaul Slag Mines (51,21) , in Frostfire Ridge. From there go south until you reach the Boneslag (48,42), then turn west and go past Wor’gol, and stop at (14,51).

Nok-Karosh Map Location - Frostfire Ridge

What to do:

You will have to defeat Nok-Karosh, the a raid level boss that drops the Garn Nighthowl mount.

To do this, first of all you should put on as much gear with movement speed as possible. Even if you will be gimping your character a little bit, by using the Defiler’s Chain Greaves, or a lower level helmet with the movement speed meta gem, it doesn’t really matter. Movement speed is really important here, as the boss runs faster than you, even if you have Aspect of the Cheetah up.


As you reach the area, you will see plenty of elite wolves, named Garn Nighthowl. They don’t drop the mount, only their boss Nok-Karosh (14,51) does.

Now, the tactics to defeat this boss solo, as a Hunter, require the following:

1) Getting rid of the adds around the boss.

Dismiss your pet, and make sure you have at least 1 pet slot available in your pet tab. Nok-Karosh’s adds have too much HP to waste time killing them, so you will be charming them as your pets, then releasing them. It goes way much faster this way.

To get rid of the adds, trap an add, pull the boss, do Feign Death, and as the boss and the rest of the adds return, pull the trapped add once more. Kite the pulled add a little bit until your Freezing Trap is up once more, re-trap the add, then charm it as your pet. Release the add and repeat, until the boss is free of adds.

2) Killing Nok-Karosh.

Once the boss is free of adds, look around to see if there are any other mobs around and dispose of them. There are a few boars and other wolves that just may interfere with your kiting.

Before pulling the boss, know this: if it touches you, you’re dead. So, you’d better have some kiting skills. Make sure you keep Concussive Shot on the boss all the time. Also use traps and any other means to slow the boss’ movement as much as possible, as there will be times it will get pretty close.

To kill the boss, you can kite it around the rock at (17,55). Be careful though, as near this rock a boar spawns, and it might interfere with your kiting, leading to a wipe.

You can also pull the boss on the rock at (15,51), then jump off and do some damage while he climbs off, then kite it around and go up the rock again and so on. However, be careful here as well, as around this rock there’s a group of boars that you might aggro.

Of course, there’s also the alternative of grouping up with 2-3 people and simply change aggro. However, only ONE mount will drop in this case, and it will be rolled for. You can see in the pic below, the positioning of two Hunters continuously changing the aggro on the boss.

Hunters Killing Nok-Karosh

A trick that you can pull, is keep your pet on stay, near the rock, and use Misdirection on your pet. But before the boss reaches the pet, use Distracting Shot, so it doesn’t kill your pet. Or use Bestial Wrath (if you’re on Beast Mastery) up so the pet won’t be killed.

Once you defeat the boss, you can wait for it to respawn, and kill it again. The respawn rate is between 10 and 45 minutes.

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