Mote of Harmony Farming Spot

Mote of Harmony is a resource required in most Mists of Pandaria crafts, and since it’s BoP, you’ll kinda have to farm it at some point with each of your characters that will need it for their crafts. There are quite a few nice Mote of Harmony farming spots in MoP. So, here’s one in Kun-Lai Summit, where you can also farm some decent WoW gold.


  • Minimum level 87;
  • AoE Spec.

Where to go:

Travel to Pandaria and fly to One Keg in Kun-Lai Summit. From there, follow the path northeast, to Howlingwind Cavern (59,53).

Kun Lai Summit Map

What to do:

Enter the cave and start grinding on the Mischievous Snow Sprites inside. You will also find Mischievous Snow Sprites under the Suspicious Snow Piles in the cave. They come out when you step on the snow piles.

Mote of Harmony Farming Spot

There are 4 spots with a high concentration of Suspicious Snow Piles (see map) in the cave, so basically you should focus on these 4 locations, pop out all the sprites and aoe them down quickly. Every 2-3 major pulls like this you should get at least one Mote of Harmony and one green item.

The sprites also drop Windwool Cloth, and even if you’re not a Tailor, you should be able to get at least 4 stacks per hour.


Although you can easily grind here with a level 87 character, it’s best to come with a level 90 one, so that the mobs will be green to you (they’re all level 87), to be able to kill them faster. The respawn rate is quite high, and even if there are other players grinding here, you will never run out of mobs.

Loot: Mote of Harmony Farming Loot

After one hour of grinding inside the Howlingwind Cavern, with a level 88 Arms Warrior, I got the following valuable loot and cash:

Mote of Harmony x 25

Green Item x 14 = 50g/each = 700g
Windwool Cloth x 91 = 50g/stack = 227g
Dried Peaches x 40 = 5g/stack = 10g
Red Blossom Leek x 5 = 5g/each = 25g
Witchberries x 3 = 5g/each = 15g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 282g

Total: 1259g after 1 hour of farming.


Although Mote of Harmony is BoP at the moment (no longer BoP since 6.0), it’s very useful to anyone because it’s required for the crafting of almost any superior item of Pandaria. And this is one of the best places I know to farm Mote of Harmony. You can get here 45-50 per hour if you grind with a well-geared, level 90 character, and you have no competition at all on the mobs.

There is a lot of Ghost Iron Ore and plenty of herbs, especially Snow Lilies and Golden Lotus, in this cave. So, if you come here with a herbalist/miner character, or have at least one of these two professions, you will get a few extra valuable resources from here. For example, during this session I’ve also gathered:

Ghost Iron Ore x 172 = 50g/stack = 430g

The most of the items dropped by the Mischievous Snow Sprites are usable at level 84, so many players that level up buy them to get gear upgrades. They sell pretty well for 50-60g, but some of the items, the Pandaren hats or the weapons can sometimes be sold for over 100g.

If you’re a Tailor, and you have Northern Cloth Scavenging, you will get much more Windwool Cloth from here. This is actually a great spot to farm this resource, to cap your Tailoring skill.

Also, keep an eye out for treasure chest that can spawn in the cave. I got 120g from the one I’ve found during this farming session.

Last but not least, if you choose this spot to farm Mote of Harmony with a level 87 character, you will get nice XP.

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