Linen Cloth Farming Spot For Horde

If in the previous post I’ve put into view a Linen Cloth spot for Alliance players, here’s an equivalent one for Horde. It’s in Ghostlands, not exactly the common starter zone for most Horde races, but it’s quite a good spot.


  • Minimum level 15

Where to go:

Teleport to Undercity in Tirisfal Glades, then fly to Tranquillien in Ghostlands. From there, go south-west, to the Underlight Mines. (29,49).

Linen Cloth Farming Spot For Horde Map

What to do:

Start grinding on the gnolls there and gather everything they drop. Clear the mobs in the two small caves there the ones in the open area outside, and the ones atop the edges of the big pit. The most valuable resource that you can get here, without any profession, just through pure grinding, is the Linen Cloth they drop. The respawn rate is rather quick, you will actually never run out of mobs here, even if there are other players questing at this location.

Linen Cloth Farming Spot For Horde

This is actually one of the best spots to farm Linen Cloth for Horde since the release of Mists of Pandaria.

Linen Cloth Farming LootLoot:

After one hour here, playing a level 20 mage, I got:

Linen Cloth x237 = 20g/stack = 237g
Lesser Healing Potion x5 = 3g
Shadowgem x1 = 10g
Tigerseye x1 = 7g/each = 7g
Pattern: White Leather Jerkin x1 = 20g
Green Item x7 = 5g/each = 35g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 1g

TOTAL: 313 gold in one hour of farming


The normal price for a stack of Linen Cloth is 10-15g, but the prices usually fluctuate, rising for up to 40g. Since the Linen Cloth is a crafting material on a very high demand, I usually set it for sale at 20g stack. It sells pretty well this way. However, even if there are stacks for sale at 2-3g, you can still auction your own for 20-30g per stack. Sometimes they sell out even for high prices.

If you have Tailoring, you can turn the Linen Cloth into bolts and sell the bolts. Sometimes it more profitable this way.

By disenchanting the green stuff from this spot, if you don’t want to sell them, you’ll get Lesser Magic Essences and Strange Dust, the lowest Enchanting materials.

If you also have Mining, you will find a couple of Copper Ore nodes inside the caves, so pick them up as well, for the extra cash.

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