Linen Cloth Farming Spot For Alliance

If you’ve just started from scratch on a new server, and you can’t find anyone to help you with a gold transfer, farming Linen Cloth is an excellent choice. Sometimes a stack sells for over 50 gold.

Now Linen Cloth, it’s obviously a resource that drops in low level areas. This being said, you pretty much won’t find a spot in a contested territory. So, here’s a Linen Cloth spot for Alliance players in Westfall.


Where to go:

Teleport to Stormwind City, then fly to Sentinel Hill (55,50), in Westfall.

Westfall Linen Cloth Farming Spot Map

What to do:

Your business here is quite plain and simple. Start killing all the Riverpaw gnolls that fight the Sentinel Hill Guards and loot their corpses. Their respawn rate is instant and they drop loads of Linen Cloth.

Westfall Linen Cloth Farming Spot Map

If you play Alliance you can come here at level 12+, it will be quite easy to kill the mobs. If you play Horde, you can still choose this spot to farm Linen Cloth. However, it’s most indicated to come here with a level 35+ character. That’s why this spot is basically for Alliance. This is one of the best spots in the game for Linen Cloth, and even if you’re Horde, it’s worth coming all the way to Sentinel Hill in Westfal. I sure hope it doesn’t get nerfed any soon.

As Horde, if you come here and you are attacked by an Alliance player, even if they are gray to you, you will be attacked by level 90 guards. So, try to run away.

Westfall Linen Cloth Farming Spot LootLoot:

After one hour here, playing a level 13 mage, I got:

Linen Cloth x264 = 20g/stack = 264g
Lesser Healing Potion x9 = 5g
Shadowgem x1 = 10g
Tigerseye x2 = 7g/each = 14g
Malachite x1 = 6g
Green Item x10 = 5g/each = 50g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 1g

TOTAL: 350 gold for one hour of farming


The normal price for a stack of Linen Cloth is 10-15g, but the prices usually fluctuate, rising for up to 50g. Since the Linen Cloth is a crafting material on a very high demand, I usually set it for sale at 20g stack. It sells pretty well this way. However, even if there are stacks for sale at 2-3g, you can still auction your own for 20-30g per stack. Sometimes they sell out even for high prices, if there is enough demand.

If you have Tailoring, you can turn the Linen Cloth into bolts and sell the bolts. Sometimes it more profitable this way.

By disenchanting the green stuff from this spot, if you don’t want to sell them, you’ll get Lesser Magic Essences and Strange Dust, the lowest Enchanting materials.

The gnolls also drop a few low level cooking recipes, but these are (or at least were) soulbound. However, if you’re a collector, these are the recipes you’ll get from here: Recipe: Westfall Stew and Recipe: Cooked Crab Claw.

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