Isle of Thunder – Windwool Cloth and Transmog Gear Farming

The following WoW gold farming spot is not far different from the Sra’Vess spot. In other words, you’ll basically get the same MoP loot. However, some of the green gear that can be obtained from these mobs sells for nice prices, as players want these weapons and armor for transmog.


  • Minimum level 90 character;
  • AoE build / class;
  • Potion of Luck.

Where to go:

Teleport to Pandaria, fly to Townlong Steppes at Shado-Pan Garrison (50,71). Use the portal there to teleport to Isle of Thunder. Once there, go to the middle area, at Diremoor, around (50,55).

Diremoor Location in Isle of Thunder

What to do:

Pop up a Potion of Luck and start grinding on the Shan’ze Animators, Boneseekers and other Shan’ze mobs that you can find there, also taking down the Animated Warrior statues. They drop a fair amount of gold, Windwool Cloth, Mote of Harmony, and plenty of green stuff. Some of the green items sell for a nice amount of gold, especially the weapons such as Defective Soulgem Staff, or Corroded Hacker.

Diremoor mobs

The mobs at Diremoor spawn pretty quickly. Even if there will be 2-3 other players there, you won’t run out of mobs. But in case the place is really crowded, you can either hop servers for some extra pulls, or go to the Court of Bones (35,50) on the Isle of Thunder.


After one hour of grinding at Diremoor, I’ve got: Diremoor loot

Green Item x 35 = 50g / each = 1,750g
Windwool Cloth x 673 = 1g / each = 673g
Ghost Iron Ore x 55 = 3g / each = 165g
White Trillium x 27 = 4g / each = 108
Black Trillium x 16 = 5g / each = 60g
Exotic Leather x 39 = 3g / each = 117g
Mote of Harmony x 85 = 7g / each = 595g

Raw Gold (after selling the trash loot): 647g

Total: 4115g

Now, this sum of gold is actually a minimum average of the amount of gold value that you can get per hour here. Also, the green items have an average gold value of 50g per item. However, among them I got one Corroded Hacker and one Defective Soulgem Staff, which sold for:

Corroded Hacker x 1 = 1,000g
Defective Soulgem Staff x = 1,375g

Total: 2,375g

So, after one hour of farming here, and after all the stuff was sold, I remained with more than 6,000g.

Also, as you can see, this is not an extremely great spot for farming Windwool Cloth. Even though I had the Cloth Scavenging trait on my character, that’s all the cloth I managed to get within an hour.


Apparently in the upcoming Legion expansion the Potion of Luck will be nerfed. Therefore, it’s a good idea to farm now while you still can.

If you play on a PvP server, it’s a good idea not to attack the opposite faction players that also grind here. Most of the times, they also want to farm and they’ll leave you alone as well. Works for me almost every time.

Items obtained from these mobs disenchant into Mysterious Essence and Spirit Dust. But for now it’s best to just auction them as they are, since these dusts and essences have a rather low value.

In case you haven’t unlocked the portal to Isle of Thunder, all you have to do is pick up the quest “Thunder Calls” from your faction NPC, Lyalia (84,59) at Shrine of Seven Stars for Alliance, or Sunwalker Dezco (63,28) at Shrine of Two Moons for Horde. The quest will point you to the Shado-Pan Garrison, where the portal will open for you.

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