Instance Farming Spot – Sanguine Hibiscus

A great reputation item to farm is Sanguine Hibiscus. Not many players farm it, and there’s always someone that wants reputation with the Sporregar. So here’s a great method to farm this item.


  • Minimum level 75.

Where to go:

Teleport to Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest, then fly to Zangarmarsh at Zabra’Jin (30,50) if you are Horde, or to Telredor (68,48) if you play Alliance, then head to the middle of Serpent Lake, at Coilfang Reservoire (50,40). Or you can use your mount and fly directly to Zangarmarsh at Coilfang Reservoire. Submerge and swim underneath the lake and enter The Underbog (54,34).

Or, use the portal in your main city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind) to teleport to Blasted Lands. Go through the Dark Portal into Hellfire Peninsula. From there, fly to Zangarmarsh at Zabra’Jin (30,50) if you are Horde, or to Telredor (68,48) if you play Alliance, then head to the middle of Serpent Lake, at Coilfang Reservoir  (50,40).

Instance Farming Spot - Sanguine Hibiscus

What to do:

Kill all the mobs up to the first boss, Hungarfen, and the ones after the boss, until you reach a bridge patrolled by two naga.

Your main objective is to gather Sanguine Hibiscus from their corpses and also to gather the Sanguine Hibiscus plants that grow inside the instance. You don’t need Herbalism to gather this herb, but if you come here with a herbalist character, you will be able to see the Sanguine Hibiscus nodes on your radar.

Underbog Map

When you reach the naga patrolled bridge, return a few steps, jump off near the entrance, gather the plants that have spawned near the entrance if there are any and exit the instance. See the map above to understand your route better, inside the instance.

Reset the instance, rinse and repeat. I normally get 25-30 Sanguine Hibiscus each run, which takes about 10 minutes.

My last 5 Underbog farming session, about 50-55 minutes of playing, have brought me the following loot:

Loot:Sanguine Hibiscus Loot

Sanguine Hibiscus x 130= 10g/each = 1300g

Green Item x 6 = 15g/each = 90g
Primal Life x 4 = 10g/each = 40g
Living Essence x 1 = 20g

Cash (after selling the trash loot, including the 5 Blue BoP items): 76g.

TOTAL: 1526g in one lockout (5 runs), cca 50 minutes.


As I said, it’s a good idea to come here with a level 80+ character that is also a herbalist. This way you’ll be able to see the Sanguine Hibiscus on the map and also perform “herb skinning” on the Underbog Lurkers and Bog Giants. You need 320 skill in Herbalism to “herb skin” the creatures in Underbog. Also, as a herbalist, you will gather a few stacks of other herbs, like Ancient Lichen, Terocone etc.

The Sanguine Hibiscus is needed for the “Bring Me Another Shrubbery!” repeatable quest that awards you 750 reputation with the Sporeggar faction. You need Sanguine Hibiscus x 5 to complete one repeatable quest so it’s a good idea to sell them in stacks of 5. I usually sell a stack of 5 for 30-40g.

Whoever needs “The Diplomat” and/or the Tiny Sporebat vanity pet must grind exalted reputation with The Sporeggar. Since the “Bring Me Another Shrubbery!” is the best way to gain exalted standing with Sporeggar and not many players like farming this herb, it usually sells pretty well.

By disenchanting the green items dropped inside the Underbog, you will obtain Arcane Dust, and Lesser and Greater Planar Essence. However, some of the items may have a really cool looking aspect and may sell for over 100g, as people buy them for transmogrifications.

The last boss inside this instance, The Black Stalker, drops a very cool looking dagger, The Stalker’s Fang, which you might want to have on your Rogue, for a transmogrification.

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