Instance Farming Spot – Hellfire Ramparts

Low level cloth scraps like Silk Cloth or Linen Cloth have increased in price lately, since most players spend much less time leveling up in the low areas. This post targets one of the best farming spots in the game for Runecloth. With character with nice AoEs  such as a Death Knight or Mage, you should be able to clear the instance quickly and fill up your bags with cloth. Unfortunately, when it comes to instance farming, you can’t make more than 5 runs per hour.

Anyway, in case you need Runecloth and level 60-63 items (green and blue), Hellfire Ramparts is your spot.


  • Minimum level 75
  • AoE spec.

Where to go:

Teleport to Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest, then fly to Honor Hold (55,64) if you play Alliance, or to Thrallmar (55,39) if you’re Horde. From there move to the middle of Hellfire Peninsula, at Hellfire Ramparts (48,53).

Or, use the portal inside one of the capital cities to teleport to Blasted Lands, go through the Dark Portal into Hellfire Peninsula, fly to Honor Hold or Thrallmar and go to Hellfire Ramparts (48,53).

Instance Farming Spot - Hellfire Ramparts

What to do:

What you need to do is pretty much basic and simple. Kill all the trash mobs and bosses inside Hellfire Ramparts. A full clear usually takes me 10 minutes, including the looting as well. I finish the instance in 4 major pulls.

Once you kill the final boss, jump off the bridge that connect the boss’s platform with the rest of the instance and you will end up at the entrance. Exit the instance and reset.

Hellfire Ramparts Spot


On my last Hellfire Ramparts farming session, within a complete lock-out (5 runs = 55 minutes), I got the following valuable loot:

Runecloth x 390 = 30g/stack = 585g
Netherweave Cloth x 69 = 20g/stack = 69g
Green Item x 31 = 30g/each = 930g
Blue (BoE) Item x 2 = 75g/each = 150g

Cash (after selling the trash loot and BoP items): 127g

Total: 1861g  after one hour of farming.

Hellfire Ramparts Loot


If you have Enchanting, you will get, Lesser Planar Essences, Small Prismatic Shards, Arcane Dust or even Void Crystals by disenchanting the green items. However, it’s much more profitable to sell the green items as they are. Some of the cool looking ones can even sell for 100-200g, or even more.

The loot table of the mobs inside Hellfire Ramparts isn’t extremely great, but they now drop a nice amount of Runecloth, usually 4 stacks per run.

Before selling the Runecloth as it is, you should check the price of a Bolt of Runecloth. It might have double price compared to the Runecloth required to make one, so in that case, if you have a Tailor, you should turn the Runecloth into bolts and sell those.

Also, you might want to check the price for Heavy Runecloth Bandages. Sometimes a stack of 20 of these can reach 100g or more. Players use them a lot in low level BGs.

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