Instance Farming: Bastion of Twilight

Even though Grim Batol was and still is an excellent farming spot for Embersilk Cloth, since WoD was released Bastion of Twilight takes the cake for it. That’s because you can gather over 1,000 Embersilk in 20 minutes tops here, plus a lot of other valuable stuff.

This farming method is simple. Here’s where you need to go, and what you should do.


  • Level 100 character;
  • AoE spec;
  • Flying mount;
  • Flight Master’s License.
  • Tailoring minimum 325 skill (optional);
  • Potion of Treasure Finding (optional).

Where to go:

Use the portal in your main city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind), to teleport to Twilight Highlands, at Highbank or Dragonmaw Port, depending on your faction. From there fly west, to the Twilight Citadel (34,78). The entrance to the raid instance Bastion of Twilight is all the way up, on top of the highest tower at Twilight Citadel.

Twilight Highlands BoT Location

What to do:

Before entering the instance, don’t forget to set the level up to 25-man. The 10-man has fewer mobs.

Inside BoT, all you have to do is clear all the trash mobs up to the first boss. Pretty much the same thing as in Dragon Soul. There are about 8 chunky packs of mobs just by the entrance. Pull them all and AoE them down. In case you’re too squishy to get all the mobs in one pull, either make two pulls, or try to keep away from the ground AoE spells.

Bastion of Twilight Map

Once all the mobs up to the first boss are dead, loot up, exit the instance, reset it, and repeat the process 9 more times, until lockout. With a decently geared character, 10 runs of this sort inside BoT shouldn’t take more than 20-25 minutes. Pulling all the mobs at once should take maximum 2 minutes.


On my last lockout at Bastion of Twilight, playing a lvl 100 Death Knight, with Tailoring and a Potion of BoT Loot Treasure Finding, I’ve managed to get:
Embersilk Cloth x 1047 = 1g / each = 1047g
Pyrite Ore x 17 = 3g / each = 51g
Elementium Ore x 9 = 2g / each = 18g
Volatile Earth x 6 = 5g / each = 30g
Volatile Life x 4 = 1g / each = 4g
Volatile Fire x 4 = 15g / each = 60g
Green Item x 24 = 80g / each = 1920g

BoE Epics:

Heaving Plates of Protection x 1 = 150g
Phase-Twister Leggings x 1 = 90g
Soul Blade x 1 = 100g
Unheeded Warning x 1 = 240g

Cash (after selling the trash loot) = 430g

Total: 4140g after 20 min. of grinding.


Evidently, if you have Tailoring 325+ skill, for the Cloth Scavenging passive, you will be able to get much more Embersilk Cloth from here. Also, you will get plenty of valuable resources from the boxes that the Potion of Treasure Finding grants you.

In case the Potions of Treasure Finding tend to be expensive on your server, keep an eye on the Auction House and always buy a couple when prices drops to 20-30g.

Depending on server, Hypnotic Dust can reach very high prices per stack. Therefore, if you consider that it’s not worth to sell all your greens to the AH as they are, disenchant them and sell the dusts. Or, from the dust you get, plus some of the Embersilk Cloth, craft Embersilk Bags. Those alwasy sell like hot cakes, for up to 300g.


  1. You’ll probably have a special luck-god following you. First of all I’ve always got 2-3 chests per run, most of them containing no more than gold.

    Second, I’ve manage to farm no more than 120-150 units of embersilk after 10 runs. But considering your screenshot it looks like you farmed 100 per run, I don’t know how you did that even with the potion of treasure finding.

    And finally, I’ve never seen a green item that costs even half of your “average” of 80g. Most of them costs between 5-15g.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say, that Embersilk Cloth costs 15c, so you don’t get 1047g for your loot, you only get 157g.
    Your “theory” of loot suddenly losts 890g.

    • Have you tried turning your Embersilk Cloth into Deathsilk Bracers, and then disenchanting those into Hypnotic Dust? Hypnotic Dust currently sells for 11-15g a piece. Also, whether or not the price of Embersilk is high, it still is a good place to farm this resource, as well as Hypnotic Dust.

      Also, did you have at least 350 Tailoring on your character as the requirements of the post specify? You need that for Cloth Scavenging which grants you extra cloth. Not sure you still need 350 Tailoring though, for it. It was repatched in 6.0.1 and now works for all humanoid mobs, being called “Cloth Scavenging” rather than “Northern Cloth Scavenging”. Anyway, you need Tailoring and that ability, in order to get a decent amount of cloth.


      Just did 3 runs in Bastion of Twilight. The loot and drop rate is the same. You get approx. 100 Embersilk Cloth per run – just from the mobs.

      You get approx 2 chests per run from the potion.

      You get approx. 3-4 greens per run.

      Here’s a screenshot with the loot:


      1. In order to get 100 Embersilk per run you really need to have 350 Tailoring, and the Cloth Scavenging Tailoring ability. Otherwise, cloth drop rate will be much crappier.

      2. I’ve checked the average prices of the Green Items on 4 servers: Outland-EU (Horde), Stromscale-EU (Horde), Ravencrest-EU (Alliance) and Silvermoon-EU (Alliance). Their prices ranged between 50-150g, not 5-15g as you said. Now, at this price it still kinda sucks to sell them as they won’t sell that well, but saying that 80g is their “value” is pretty fair.

      3. Hypnotic Dust currently costs 8-9g on many other servers, not just the ones mentioned above; but still, its price can fluctuate because it’s rather rare nowadays, sometimes reaching 12-15g / per piece. So, by disenchanting everything, turning Embersilk Cloth into Deathsilk Bracers and disenchanting them for dust, just might get you a good profit.

    • this spot is still awesome for 300 lvl greens for cata dust and essences… dunno what you did, and what you didn’t, but you get shitloads of cloth and other materials there… to this day, people still farming it like crazy… PvP is hard at BoT entrance sometimes…

  3. okay what the f*** is going on? anyone wise out there to explain me why do i get with my warlock who is 600 tailor , around 100 per run , and with my new rogue tailor who is recent 325 with scaveging perk , around 40 ? đŸ˜€

  4. Fastest flighpoint is actually Farstrider Lodge in Loch Modan.

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