Easy Farming – 3 Hatchlings to Farm and Sell

Dart's Nest - The Darting Hatchling

There are many battle pets in the game that can be farmed very easily, but very few players know where to look for them. Here’s a list of 3 hatchlings that don’t even require grinding on mobs, you just pick them up from various raptor nests. Although you won’t make buckets of gold with them, they still can be sold for 250-500g each, and it’s super easy farming, requiring only a couple of minutes.

1. The Ravasaur Hatchling.


  • Minimum level 50.

Where to Find the Ravasaur Hatchling:

Go to Marshal’s Stand (55,62) in Un’Goro Crater. Go to the southeastern part of Un’Goro, and start looking for a selectable/lootable raptor nest under each tree within the area I marked on the map. The one in the picture, I found at (62,73). Other locations that I found the nest at were: (62,65), (63,63), (69,66), (62,64), (66,62), (66,66), (67,62). Basically, the nest can pop near every tree in that area so look carefully, as sometimes is quite hard to spot, being hidden by herbs and leaves. I don’t know exactly the respawn time of this nest, but I tend to believe that it’s similar to the other raptor nests in the game, about 6 hours.

If you don’t find the nest you can log your character here and check later. I usually bring one of my toons here and leave it here until I have 2-3 pets.

Ravasaur Hatchling Location

2. The Leaping Hatchling.


  • Minimum level 20 for Horde, 35-40 for Alliance.

Where to Find the Leaping Hatchling:

Go to Ratchet (68,72) in Northern Barrens. Go north towards Nozzlepot’s Outpost, and check near every tree all around (60,10) for Takk’s Nest. I found it so far only at (58,8) and (61,13), the picture was taken at the (58,8) spot. Once you find the nest, pick up the Leaping Hatchling from it.

This normally doesn’t take long, if the nest it’s not up just log off your character and check out later. I usually bring a level 20 toon an log it here until I have 2-3 pets then I go to Ratchet and mail them to my other characters to auction them.

You can set the price for up to 1000g for this pet, but I usually sell them for 2-300g, for quick cash. Since it’s an interesting pet with nice animation, many rich players buy it even if they aren’t vanity pet collectors.

Leaping Hatchling Location

3. The Darting Hatchling.


  • Minimum level 40.

Where to Find the Razormaw Hatchling:

Fly to Mudsporcket, Blackenwall Village (Horde) or Theramore (Alliance) and from there go to the raptor camps near the Witch Hill, at (49,17).

Your objective is to find Dart’s Nest and get the Darting Hatchling from it. I found Dart’s Nest several times at (49, 17) and at (48,19).

If the nest is not up, I usually grind and skin the raptors here (levels 35-37) for half an hour. They drop Heavy, Thick and Medium Leather. If Dart’s Nest doesn’t spawn, I log out and check out later if it’s up. The respawn rate is 6 hours. Also, when I know that Dart’s Nest is about to be up, I log 15 minutes earlier and after I get the Darting Hatchling I clear the raptors 1-2 more times to get the leather. Sometimes this low level leather is quite expensive an worth to farm.

Darting Hatchling Location


All nests have a respawn times of about 6 hours, so you can have a character logged near each spot and check from time to time if they’re up.

You might as well level up or upgrade some of these battle pets. This way you will be able to sell them for over 2000-3000g.


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