Instance Farming: Grim Batol

Embersilk Cloth and Hypnotic Dust aren’t that easy to farm, since there aren’t many good spots for it. However, Grim Batol makes an exception. Now that this instance is soloable, you can get a lot of Embersilk here, as well as a whole bunch of green items for Hypnotic Dust, or simply to sell as transmogrification gear.


  • Minimum level 90;
  • AoE spec;
  • Tailoring skill minimum 325;
  • Northern Cloth Scavenging;
  • Enchanting skill minimum 450;
  • Potion of Treasure Finding x 1.

Where to go:

Teleport to Highbank (Alliance) or Dragonmaw Port (Horde), and take a flight to Victor’s Point (Alliance) or The Gullet (Horde). From there, go west and enter Grim Batol in normal mode.

Grim Batol Location on Map

What to do:

First of all, you don’t have to clear the instance. In fact, you’ll only waste time if you do that. What you should do is simply clear all the thrash mobs up to the first boss – General Umbriss – and defeat him too. Loot everything, then return to the entrance, exit, reset and repeat.

Depending on how fast you can take down the mobs, and how many you can pull with a character, you should be able to complete one run in 3-4 minutes. Each run you should get more than 3 stacks of Embersilk Cloth, green items, one blue (BOP) item from the boss, and other stuff.

Grim Batol Instance Farming


After 5 runs (20 minutes), I got the following loot:

Embersilk Cloth x 406 = 35g / stack = 710g
Green Item x 17 = 50g / each = 850g
Blue BoE Item x 2 = 100g / each = 200g
Blue BoP Item x 5 = Heavenly Shard x 8 = 15 g / each = 120g
Volatile Air x 9 = 10g / each = 90g
Volatile Water x 4 = 10g / each = 40g
Volatile Earth x 5 = 15g / each = 75g
Elementium Ore x 6 = 12g
Pyrite Ore x 6 = 12g

Cash (after selling the thrash loot): 196g

TOTAL: 2305g after 20 min. of farming.

Grim Batol Loot


To cut off some time with the instance reset, you can jump down in the lava, after killing the boss, and suicide. Of course, take off your gear first, to avoid getting it damaged. To do this more quickly, you can save one slot in your item manager with no equipment on you, and of course, one slot with the equipment you wear. Each time you kill the boss, swap on the “no-gear” outfit to remove the gear from your character, suicide, then corpse run back to the instance, get out, reset, and swap back on the “full gear” outfit.

Some of the green items in this instance have quite a nice appearance, and sometimes sell for up to 200g. Even though I’ve estimated all to a flat 50g each, you can get much more from them.

If Hypnotic Dust on your server has quite a high price (sometimes it can go up to 200g / stack), you may consider disenchanting all the green gear, into Hypnotic Dust and Greater Celestial Essences, and sell those instead of the items. Also, you can craft Deathsilk Bracers from the Embersilk Cloth and disenchant those as well. This way, you will turn all your stuff into Enchanting materials, and selling those can turn to be more profitable.

Or, you can craft at least 3 Embersilk Bags from your cloth, which always sell like hot cakes. And the average price for one is 350-400g at the moment.

All in all, this is a great farming method for a level 90+ Tailor / Enchanter.

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