Golden Pearls Farming Spot

The Red Reaches in Blasted Lands is another spot where you can farm valuable items with a minimum of requirements. You don’t need any professions, you don’t even need a mount to farm some decent gold here. The main items you’re after here are Golden Pearls. However, you will get other valuables in the process.


  • Minimum level 60.

Where to go:

Use the portal in Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde) and teleport to Blasted Lands in front of the Dark Portal. From there move a bit to the north-east until you reach the road, somewhere around (63,40). Follow the road South, to the Red Reaches (66,70).

Golden Pearls Farming Spot

What to do:

Start killing all the Bloodwash naga that you see, no exceptions. Loot their corpses and gather as many Big-Mouth Clams that you can. The Bloodwash naga also drop Runecloth.

When you think you have enough clams, I usually stop after 1 hour, open them all and collect the meat and the pearls in them. Within 1 hour I usually get at least 3-4 Black Pearls and 3-4 Golden Pearls.

Golden Pearls Farming

Loot: Golden Pearls Farming Loot

On my last 1 hour farming session at the Red Reaches I got the following valuables:

Black Pearl x 6 = 15g/each = 90g
Golden Pearl x 5 = 120g/each = 600g
Iridescent Pearl x 4 = 10g/each = 40g
Zesty Clam Meat x 185 = 10g/stack = 92g
Runecloth x 267 = 20g/stack = 267g
Major Healing Potion x 13 = 1g/each = 13g
Green Item x 4 = 20g/each = 80g
Plans: Radiant Breastplate x 1 = 25g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 29g

TOTAL: 1236g after 1 hour of farming.


The prices for pearls fluctuate from a measly 20g to 100-150g on most servers. They aren’t usually on high demand, but most playes, especially enchanters, need them for their crafts. Therefore, if you want to farm pearls, this is a great spot, but make sure the price of Golden Pearls is minimum 60-70g. Otherwise, farming here on the naga isn’t that profitable.

Golden Pearls are needed especially for the Enchant Weapon – Spellpower. This enchantment is the best one a caster can have on their Heirloom weapon. The recipe drops in Molten Core (can drop from any boss – see the Molten Core chapter).

Black Pearls are needed for 7 recipes, the most important ones being the Figurine – Black Pearl Panther, a very neat JC trinket. Every enchanter that is leveling this profession will need one sooner or later to upgrade their enchanting rod.

If you have Tailoring, you can turn the Runecloth into bolts and sell the bolt. This might increase its value.

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