How To Farm Garrison Resources in Warlords of Draenor

Garrisons are one of the major parts of content added to WoW, with the release of Warlords of Draenor. The thing is, to purchase and upgrade various building for your garrison, you need Garrison Resources.

Now, these Garrison Resources are BoP, and they actually go straight to your currency tab, not into your inventory. You can’t sell them, you can’t directly make any gold by acquiring them. But since everyone needs their garrison and garrison buildings upgraded in order to get better loot, to craft better stuff, and for the many other nice bonuses, here’s a short guide, pointing out each and every way to farm Garrison Resources.

1. Rare mobs. Warlords of Draenor has changed the perspective of rares a little bit. All Draenor zones have quite a share of normal-rare mobs. However, they are only ONE TIME rare, meaning that they will give you special loot (including Garrison Resources) only the first time you kill them. Once you’ve killed one of these normal-rares, the next time will spawn, it will be just a normal, named mob, dropping the same loot as your average trash mob.

There are, or course, elite rares as well, which drop superior loot, Primal Spirits, and some of them drop reputation items (such as the elite-rares from Nagrand, for example). These mobs however, don’t drop Garrison Resources. So, if you’re after resources, don’t stand and camp an elite-rare.

2. Treasures. Along with the many rares present in the Draenor zones, there are also a multitude of hidden treasures. Each treasure can grant you various items, toys, pets, gold, and of course, resources. Some of these treasures are easy to spot, you come across them as you level up. However, most of them are hidden, and / or quite difficult to collect. For example, many of the ones in Nagrand require you to take gliders from the nearest peaks etc.

The good news is, you can get a treasure map for each zone, once you complete the main storyline quest in that particular zone. The treasure maps are sold for Horde, by Srikka (74,31) in Warspear, and for Alliance by Grakis (49,34) in Stormshield. These maps cost 100g.

WoD Treasure

3. Follower Missions. Once you get your garrison up and you can get Follower Missions, you’ll see that some of them grant XP, coins, items for you, and your followers, and some of them grant Garrison Resources. Each mission costs resources, but the ones which grant resources, do not require any resources to start them. Therefore, if you want to gain Garrison Resources from Follower Missions, pick up only the ones which grant resources, skip the others.

WoD Resource Follower Mission

4. Quests. Although many players have chosen to level up via dungeons or even pet battles, the fact that some of the quests grant you resources, is a good reason to choose questing as your main leveling method. Each zone has its share of quests that grant up to 100 Garrison Resources. These are quite a boost for your garrison.

5. Resources around your garrison. You can find resources around your garrison, and sometimes outside the walls. They sometimes appear as little mounds on the ground, or like wood piles. Also, there is a cave on the bottom of the pond inside your garrison, where you can also find a stash of resources. So, pick these up if you haven’t so far.

Garrison Resources Around The Base

6. Buildings. Several buildings that you can get for your garrison, can your daily amount of resources. For example, your garrison cache, the box near the main building, will generate 6 resources per hour (144 per day).

Buildings such as the Lumber Mill and Trading Post also grant you Garrison Resources. For example, if you get the Lumber Mill, you will be able to chop down trees around Draenor, and turn them into work orders. Each work order will net you 20 resources, with a maximum of 120 per day. The Trading Post allows you to trade random crafting materials for Garrison Resources, also turning them into work orders. One order is 5 crafting reagents, and grants 30 resources.

Stables can also grant you resources, through the quests required to complete for catching 6 wild beasts that will become new mounts.

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