One Profitable Reason To Do Your Weekly Garrison Invasion

Lately, I have hardly seen players looking for Garrison Invasion groups, as nowadays this type of content isn’t top priority for most, like it was when Warlords of Draenor was released. But by completing your weekly Garrison Invasion, you have a shot at several nice items, including mounts, and epic gear. Most of these items are BoP, but there still is one particular item that you can get via Garrison Invasions, that can bring you over 10,000 gold. This item is the Arcane Crystal Focusing Lens, a component required for the auctioneer robot which you can build in a Garrison Trading Post.

Now, this item is not 100% drop, and there are some in requirements for it.

Also, if you know how a Garrison Invasion works, you probably already know what you have to do. But players who haven’t completed any invasions, may find the following directions handy.

Garrison Invasion Completed with 4 Chest Rewards


  • Trading Post building in your Garrison at level 2 (otherwise the item doesn’t drop);
  • Equipment iLvL 700+ (for a better chance to be invited in a group).
  • The Premade Group Finder addon;
  • AoE spec (optional).

What to do:

You need to complete a Garrison Invasion. And there are two ways to do that:

1. The Hard Way

You can pop your own Garrison Invasion, by grinding on the lvl 100 mobs, at the Apexis Objectives in Draenor Zones, such as Mok’gol Watchpost (Nagrand), Stonefury Cliffs (Frostfire Ridge), Darktide Roost island (Shadowmoon Valley), Broken Precipice (Nagrand), Everbloom Wilds (Gorgrond), and others.

Note: Mob kills at the Apexis objective areas in Tanaan Jungle don’t count for your Garrison Invasion. It only works for Apexis objectives in the other zones of Draenor.

By killing mobs in such areas, you will increase “your aggro” with these mobs and they will eventually attack your Garrison. The number of mobs you need to kill is random. Sometimes it takes quite a grind. After all, it’s a weekly quest.

Once you’ve killed enough mobs, Sergeant Crowler (Alliance) or Sergeant Grimjaw (Horde) in your Garrison, will give you the quest for your invasion. Once you get this quest, you can list up your invasion group in Premade Groups, or yell in Trade Chat that you’re looking for players for your Garrison Invasion. You can also complete it solo, but it goes smoother with other players.

2. The Easy Way

You can keep an eye on the Premade Groups tab, or your server’s Trade Chat for someone looking for players for an invasion, and tag to a group for it. But the best way to do this, is actually to install the addon named Premade Group Finder, use its List option to find a group by keyword, and type in “invasion” (without the quotation marks, of course). The addon will proceed to look for groups that contain this keyword, on various servers. And while the addon is looking for an invasion group, you can complete quests, farm other things etc.

Once in a group, right click on your character icon, visit the leader’s Garrison, and wait for them to start the quest.

Next, complete the invasion with a good score, in order to get as many rewards as possible.


Now, in order to get the Arcane Crystal Focusing Lens, you don’t need to complete the invasion with a Gold or Platinum Arcane Crystal Focusing Lensprize. You can complete it with a Bronze prize, and in the reward box at the end, you can still get the item. The chances are higher for a Gold or Platinum chest reward, though.

An invasion takes 10-15 min. to complete. The Arcane Crystal Focusing Lens is not 100% drop, being actually kind of rare. But, since it sells for 10k – 12k, it’s worth to farm.

Also, the idea is to complete your weekly invasion with multiple characters, and going with the second method: tagging to a group, rather than wasting time with the grind for your own invasion. 10-15 min. per week / per character, with a fairly decent shot at a pretty valuable item, is not something to pass up.


If you’re going to create your own invasion group, and list it in Premade Groups, make sure you setup an iLevel requirement for the group. This way you’ll get well-geared players, and have a higher chance for a Gold/Platinum prize.

An invasion group can have a maximum of 3 players. If you lead one group, assign each one of the other players to one of the Garrison entry points. But in general, most well-geared players will know what to do.

In case you want to tag to invasion groups, it’s best to have your character(s) well-geared. But 700 iLvL is quite easy to get nowadays. You just need the Honor gear. And to get the full set of Honor gear, you just need to play a couple of hours in Ashran. Even if you will be assigned to a poor group, you simply can farm Honor, by grinding on mobs in Ashran, and looting chests and packages found all over the place. They all drop Artifact Fragments which you can trade at your Ashran base at a rate of 1 Artifact Fragmet = 3 Honor Points. Ashran mobs farming is also profitable if you have a Trading Post, as they can drop other parts for the auctioneer robot, which also sell for decent prices.

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