New Thalanaar (Feralas) – Best Silk Cloth Spot

The following spot is currently THE BEST spot for farming Silk Cloth in the game. You can also get some pretty neat transmog gear here as well. So, if you’re in need of silk to boost up your Tailoring or First Aid, or simply to sell it at the Auction House, this is where you should come.


  • Minimum level 55;
  • AoE spec.

Where to go:

If you play Horde, fly to Camp Mojache (75,45) in Feralas, and from there follow the road east until you reach New Thalanaar. For Alliance, fly to Shadebough (77,57) in Feralas, and from there go northeast, until you reach New Thalanaar.

Feralas Silk Spot Map Location

What to do:

Once you’re at New Thalanaar, simply AoE everything Grimtotem mob that you see. If you play Alliance, the elves here will be friendly to you. However, if you play Horde, they are aggro and you can also kill them, but they don’t drop any loot. So, your main targets should be the Grimtotem tauren NPCs.

New Thalanaar Silk Cloth Spot


After only 30 minutes spent at this spot, I’ve ended up with the following loot: New Thalanaar Silk Cloth Loot

Silk Cloth x 422 = 30g / stack = 633g
Mageweave Cloth x 34 = 20g / stack = 34g
Green Item x 10 = 25g / each = 250g

Cash (after selling the thrash loot): 19g

TOTAL: 936g after 30 min.


Some of the green, and even grey items, have quite a nice appearance, so they can be sold as transmog gear. Even though I’ve given a flat 25g value per green item here, this particular run I’ve got a very cool looking 2-h katana sword, which went for 1500g. Didn’t add it to the total though.

Also, when it comes to transmog gear, you can get various pants (green or grey) which show quite a bit of skin. Those typically sell for a lot of gold.

Although Silk Cloth is found lately in less quantities in the Auction Houses of various servers, prices for it can always fluctuate, and reach very low or very high prices during a day. Therefore, it’s best to sell it by the middle of the week, when people do less farming, and prices are higher, around at least 50-60g / stack.


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